XR General Slim White Strong Portion


Experience the robust flavors of XR General Strong Slim White. This nicotine pouch delivers a powerful tobacco taste in a slim, white format for a discreet and comfortable snus experience. Try the strong, long-lasting satisfaction of General’s renowned recipe, now in XR’s modern slim pouch.

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13.5 mg/g Nicotine
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XR General Slim White Strong Details

Brand : XR
Nicotine content : 14 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Tobacco, Citrus
Strength : Strong


XR General Slim White Strong Description

Explore the blend of traditional and modern with XR General Strong Slim White Portion. Produced by the reputed Swedish Match, XR General Slim White comes in a slim pouch format for a comfortable and discreet snus experience. Infused with refreshing citrus and tea, the traditional snus taste is elevated to a luxurious aroma and delicious flavor.

Unveiling XR General Slim White

As you open a can of XR General Slim White Portion, the first thing that greets you is a refreshing aroma of citrus and tea. The mellow tobacco character subtly intertwined with a touch of bergamot oil and hints of tea, offers a traditional snus taste in a modern avatar. The XR line boasts of all slim and white snus, providing an extended release of flavor courtesy of the dry white pouch, leading to a longer-lasting snus experience.

XR Snus: A Revolution in Taste

XR General Slim White Portion takes snus to the next level by delivering quality snus at an affordable price, and a strong nicotine level. This product is the perfect blend of the iconic flavors of XR snus and the convenience of slim, discreet pouches. Every portion holds Johan A. Boman’s legacy, the master behind the General’s recipe in the mid-nineteenth century.

<strong>From XR General Slim to XR General Strong<!–strong>

XR General Strong Slim White presents a mellow and spicy tobacco character accompanied by citrus and bergamot essence with a hint of tea. The pouch is designed to fit flawlessly under the lip, delivering a higher nicotine level compared to traditional snus, making it perfect for those looking for a robust snus experience.

The XR Series: Familiar Tastes, New Experiences

The XR series, offers variations of some of Swedish Match’s most popular flavors. From the spicy tobacco character of General with a hint of bergamot to the juniper berry and lavender tones of Göteborgs Rapé, the XR series brings forward these flavors in a slim portion format. Thanks to new technology, the XR series offers a longer-lasting flavor and less drip compared to other portion products.

Customer Reviews

Numerous customers express their affinity for the distinct characteristics of the XR General Strong Slim White. They value its robust, herbal flavor profile which breaks away from the conventional peppery undertone often associated with other snus products. This unique balance of flavors gives this oral tobacco an intriguing edge, thus broadening its appeal to a diverse range of snus enthusiasts.

Moreover, what sets XR General Strong Slim White apart from its competitors is the prolonged release of its flavors. This attribute ensures that users can enjoy the robust, satisfying taste over an extended period, thereby enhancing the overall snus experience. Furthermore, despite its strong taste, this product manages to retain a level of subtlety that doesn’t overpower the palate. This equilibrium between intensity and delicacy in its flavor profile makes this smokeless tobacco a popular choice among both seasoned and new snus users.

Several users point out a commendable feature of XR General Strong Slim White. It strikingly resembles the flavor of Earl Grey tea. This snus combines traditional tobacco taste with bergamot’s citrusy essence. The result is akin to a well-brewed cup of Earl Grey tea.

This flavor pairing is both familiar and unexpected. It adds a surprising element of indulgence to the snus experience. Consequently, many users declare XR General Strong Slim White their favorite tobacco-flavored snus.

What sets it apart is its distinctive flavor profile. Moreover, it offers a prolonged, enjoyable snus experience. Indeed, XR General Strong Slim White stands out in the market.



Tobacco (Nicotine), Water, humectant (E1520), Salt, Acidity regulator (E500), Licorice, Salmiak, aromas

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