ZYN Slim Apple Mint Strong Nicotine Pouches

ZYN Slim Apple Mint Strong Portion Nicotine Pouches

12 mg/g
0.8 g
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ZYN Apple Mint Strong Slim nicotine pouches come in at 10mg/g and will provide you with a comfortable feeling under the lip and an optimal discreet look that no one will notice. The material is completely white as is the content of the pouches; a super soft and dry pouch for enhanced comfort and no runniness. ZYN Apple Mint has the sweet and sour taste of green apple with a hint of vanilla. A fresh and slightly cooling mint character can be felt and provides a refreshing feeling with a subtle spearmint taste. Taste the delicious minty freshness and juicy green apple flavor in ZYN Apple Mint Strong Slim portion and experience a nicotine kick without the staining effects of tobacco on your teeth and the harmful effects of smoke on your lungs. ZYN products have been designed with great taste and just the right amount of nicotine in mind, which is why they are offered in a variety of flavors and strengths depending on personal preference.
ZYN Apple Mint Strong has a nicotine strength of 8mg per portion for solid and long-lasting nico kicks in every portion. Get some today and get the great taste of green apple in a strong, tobacco-free nicopod!