ZYN Slim North Woods Strong

ZYN Slim North Woods Strong Nicotine Pouches

11 mg/g
0.8 g
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ZYN North Woods Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches takes you on a journey through Sweden’s forests characterized by their traditional aromas and flavors of wildberries, herbal undertones and pine. Taste the uniqueness of sweden’s flora in these all-white, tobacco-free nicotine pouches without the staining effects of tobacco on your teeth and the harmful effects of smoke on your lungs. ZYN products have been designed with great taste and just the right amount of nicotine in mind, which is why they are offered in a variety of flavors, strengths and formats depending on personal preference.
ZYN North Woods Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches come in at 10mg/g and will provide you with a comfortable feeling under the lip and an optimal discreet look that no one will notice. The material is completely white as is the content of the pouches; a super soft and dry pouch for enhanced comfort with no runniness and a long lasting flavor and nicotine experience. Get some today and discover Sweden’s traditions, tobacco-free!