Nicotine pouches are quickly becoming the first and foremost strategy to quit a bad smoking habit, and even competing with the ever popular vaping trend that has swept the globe in recent years.  There is a question that many people are asking themselves with this shifting trend:

Are nicotine pouches worth it?  

In this article we will attempt to give answers to this important question that has many people wondering if they should make the change to nicotine pouches.  

First off, it is important to note that this question can have many different meanings and here they are:

  • Are nicotine pouches worth what I’m going to pay for them?

Are they expensive? How costly are they? How does the price of nicotine pouches compare to other nicotine delivery systems like cigarettes, vaping, snus?

  • Will nicotine pouches offer the same variety of strengths and flavors I have with vaping?

The choice of flavors and strengths available for e-cigarettes are practically limitless.  Will I be satisfied with less variety since nicotine pouches flavor options are limited?

  • Will I have a hard time switching from vaping/smoking/snus to nicotine pouches?

Will I miss smoking/vaping/using snus?

  • Are nicotine pouches better for my health than other nicotine options?
  • What are the pros of switching to nicotine pouches? 

In this article, we will address the first question. Stay tuned for more articles developing additional parts of “Are Nicotine Pouches Worth It?”

Are nicotine pouches worth the cost? 

The answer to this question varies and will depend on many factors including:  

  • Frequency – How often you will use your nicotine pouches
  • Duration – How long each pouch will last in your mouth and how long the nicotine effect will last.
  • Average price per pouch – This will depend on which brands and products you choose to go for.
  • Taxes – Some states and countries charge excise taxes on nicotine products. It is important to check with your local customs office about the importation of nicotine products for personal use, specifically nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches also vary in format, strength and quality.  These differences will also affect the price.


  • Slim – This is the general format for most nicotine pouches.  Unlike traditional snus, stuffed with ground tobacco, nicotine pouches can offer the same, and even greater strengths in slim pouches since the ingredients are less bulky.
  • Super Slim – Super Slim nicotine pouches are even thinner than Slim pouches.  Benefit from optimal comfort and discretion with these nicotine pouches.  Many women prefer these because they feel like they are not even present.   
  • Mini – Mini pouches are smaller in size and not as long as slim pouches.  They hold a smaller amount of nicotine.

Depending on your chosen format, your nicotine pouches will cost less or more.  

For example, mini pouches will cost less than slim pouches because you’re getting less nicotine.  Comparable nicotine pouches in slim and super slim format will normally have similar costs.  A can of nicotine pouches can cost anywhere between 2.50€ and about 5.00€ per can; and that is if you buy bulk. They can be much more expensive if you buy less than 10 cans at a time.  

Considering nicotine pouches have an expiry date of 1-2 years, it’s smart to buy bulk and store your nicotine pouches, but you also have to consider shipping costs.  

Nicotine Pouches vs. Cigarettes

If you’re wondering whether it is worth it to switch from cigarettes to nicotine pouches cost wise, the answer is an overwhelming YES!

In the US, cigarettes are the most highly taxed nicotine vehicle with taxes reaching as high as 43% Total tax (excise + state tax).

“The World Bank’s Curbing the Epidemic report recommends that taxes account for two-thirds to four-fifths of retail price”, meaning if you’re paying the average 6.81€ for a pack of cigarettes, you could be paying as high as 5.45€ in taxes

Based on this information, you could be paying twice to four times as much for your cigarettes as you would pay for your nicotine pouches, not to mention the cost of lighting fuel and lighters, which you probably have too many of anyway.

Nicotine Pouches vs Vaping

With vaping, the choice is not as clear as with cigarettes.  Before breaking down the different costs associated with vaping, it may seem as though vaping is cheaper than smoking.  But once you actually break down the costs to include everything from the actual vape juice and vape pens to the replacement and/or upgrade of nondisposable units, vaping can become quite expensive. 

Vaping Costs 

  • Vape pens: 25€-200€ depending on brand and style.
  • Vape juice: 5€-25€ per bottle, depending on brand and flavor, which normally lasts at least a month.

Disposal vapes are much less expensive in the short term with the lowest cost being about 20€ for 3000 puffs, and normally last vapers between 7 – 9 days.  However, they do end up costing much more than rechargeable vapes in the long run since you’re not “investing” in a single device that requires occasional cleaning and maintenance. 

As a side note, disposable vapes are quite an environmental hazard since they are not made with recyclable plastic and most people just throw them out in the trash…

Nicotine Pouches vs Swedish Snus

Swedish snus, which is where the idea of nicotine pouches was born, are likely becoming more expensive overall than nicotine pouches since they clearly contain tobacco and are subject as a result to higher taxes.  Check the customs legislation in your country for up to date information about these issues. 

So in conclusion, if you’re wondering whether nicotine pouches are worth what you’re going to pay for them, the true answer is an overwhelmingly definite YES: 

  • Cigarettes are expensive because they are heavily taxed 
  • Vapes cost a fortune due to starting costs and long run maintenance. Even the cost of disposable vapes are expensive in the long run.
  • Snus is also taxed as a tobacco product

Nicotine pouches are ready to use just as soon as you pop open the can.  Just grab a pouch and slip it under your lip, enjoy the great flavor and get your nicotine kick all the while doing whatever it is you’re up to; whether getting to work, taking a break, chillin’ with friends or by yourself…Anywhere, anytime, it’s always a good time.  

Of course, price alone is not the only thing to consider when wondering whether nicotine pouches are right for you. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the  “Are Nicotine Pouches Worth It?” series where we will explore answers to the rest of our questions, together.

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