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Sting Free nicotine pouches no burn

Sting Free Nicotine Pouches

Enter a new era of nicotine enjoyment with Stingfree. This innovative nicotine pouch promises no burns and superior gum protection. Stingfree’s design is unique and comfortable.

Stingfree features a patented protective barrier. Its blue side acts as a shield. This shield reduces gum irritation and burn. It also enhances gum safety and flavor.

The pouch’s white side releases nicotine and flavors. This design ensures a strong and enjoyable experience.

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Bengt Wiberg founded Stingfree out of personal need. His dentist warned him about gum damage from nicotine pouches. He sought a solution. Bengt experimented and found a way to reduce the sting. He used a biofilm made from plant fibers, not harsh materials.

Sting Free AB is Wiberg’s company. It follows strict quality and sustainability standards. All products, including the nicotine pouches and ISCC-certified cans, are made in Sweden. This shows our dedication to quality and the environment.

Stingfree offers a smooth nicotine experience. It’s gentle yet flavorful. Choose Stingfree for satisfaction without the harsh effects.

The Journey to StingFree: A Revolutionary Idea in Nicotine Enjoyment

The Genesis of StingFree

For years, Bengt relished his snus use, a habit that was instrumental in his triumph over smoking. However, when his gums began to suffer, causing pain and burning sensations, his dentist’s stark warning was clear: stop using snus or risk permanent gum damage. Faced with a difficult decision, Bengt returned home only to conceive a seemingly odd yet brilliant solution. “What if I put a protective layer on the snus against my gums?” Experimenting with this idea, he found relief from the burn, maintaining the snus’s flavor and nicotine hit. Months later, a dental check-up confirmed the significant improvement in his gum health.

From Idea to Innovation

Bengt’s brainchild was not just a personal fix but a potential game-changer for snus users. He patented his novel concept, envisioning a future where his innovation would be embraced by snus and nicotine pouch manufacturers. Despite initial rejections and skepticism from industry executives, Bengt remained undeterred. He persisted in his mission, eventually teaming up with his son Daniel, now the CEO, to introduce StingFree products in Sweden.


Unveiling StingFree: A Solution for the Modern Nicotine User

The Problem with Traditional Pouches

Traditional snus and nicotine pouches often lead to a stinging sensation against the gums, contributing to oral health issues like lesions and gum recession. StingFree’s revolutionary approach tackles this problem head-on by implementing a protective barrier on the gum side of the pouch, allowing users to enjoy their nicotine without the sting while still experiencing full flavor and nicotine delivery.

StingFree Experience: How and Why It Works

The Science of Sting

The stinging sensation in traditional snus and nicotine pouches is attributed to the need for a higher pH level than the mouth’s natural environment to effectively deliver nicotine. While a higher pH enhances the nicotine experience, it also increases gum irritation. Furthermore, the nicotine concentration and certain flavors like mint or ginger contribute to this sensation.

The Correct Way to Use StingFree

StingFree is designed with a dual-focus approach: protecting the non-regenerative gums and ensuring optimal flavor and nicotine absorption. Users should place the pouch under the upper lip with the blue, protective side facing the gums to enjoy a full, safer experience for up to 45 minutes. The design ensures that while the gums are shielded, the flavor and nicotine release are not compromised.