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Siberia Snus

Siberia is one of the most popular Snus Brand that you will find in our Snus Online Shop.

The original idea behind the Siberia the Snus Brand was “strength”:  Strong ice cold mint flavor combined with strong traditional tobacco taste and strong nicotine in ready-to-use snus portions. The Siberia Red become the Star of the Brand With different Portions Formats.

If you’re into extremes, you’ve found your match with Siberia:  

Just like Siberia’s brutally cold and harsh winters, Siberia snus is so aggressive, it’ll blow you away!

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Buy Siberia Snus the Extremely Strong Siberia -80 ℃

Experience the full range of Siberia Line Products, featuring strong nicotine content, including the famed Siberian snus and the chilling Siberia -80 degrees line, at Snusline.

We deliver your preferred Siberia products, known for their intense strength and unique and spicy taste, directly to your doorstep in multiple countries, including the UK and United States.

With our user-friendly online ordering system, you can savor the bold, authentic, and strong nicotine flavor of Siberia pouches from the comfort of your home.

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The Manufacturer Behind the Brand

Who is the manufacturer that create the Siberia Red Snus and  recently Siberia Red Nicotine Pouches?

The mastermind behind Siberia offers is GN Tobacco, a privately held Swedish Chewing Tobacco Producer around since 2004 under the original name Snus AB.

After signing a distribution agreement with a large US cigarette company in 2007, the company name was changed to GN Tobacco AB and has been operating under that name ever since.

The manufacturer produce high quality tobacco products and in conjuction with Gajane, Sweden’s second largest distributor of tobacco, distributes them to many countries all over the world.


More About GN Tobacco

The Smokeless Products Manufacturer offers their customers the freedom to chose and produces loose snus as well as snus portions in their factory in Enköping, Sweden.

They offer competitive pricing and are always striving to improve their range of products by tuning into customer wants and needs.

Indeed GN Tobacco they have thought of every way to satisfy and come to the need of every type of snus user by providing them with a long list of brand names and different snus products in various snus flavors, strengths and formats.

Some of these brands are the most popular on the snus market and include Siberia, Odens Snus and  White Fox Nicotine Pouches.


Discover Siberia -80ºc One of The Strongest Snus in the World

What’s So Special About Siberia ?

Siberia dip was created with that specific goal at a time when the strongest snus players on the market were around the 20 mg/g of nicotine mark, give or take.

When this Snus and Tobacco Brand came along, it rocked the snus world with its 43 mg per gram of nicotine strength and blew the competitors right out of the water!

Since then, the Siberia Snus brand has grown in popularity and has become the strongest player on the snus field and one of the most famous snus brands in the world today.

As for its long-lasting taste, Siberia Swedish Tobacco offers a choice of different lasting effects from the original portion to the white dry portion.

Perfect for those who demand intensity, Siberia nicotine is not just about strength; it’s about a meticulously crafted snus experience. Each chew bags has a high nicotine content, ensuring that seasoned snus users who are accustomed to GN Tobacco products can find the satisfaction they seek. It’s no wonder that Siberia Snus is often touted as the ultimate choice for a robust tobacco enjoyment.

With Siberia, even the most discerning snus aficionados who enjoy a potent punch will find what they’re looking for. The popular brand has established itself firmly alongside other strong contenders, offering a variety of lasting tastes and effects.

Siberia Snus has established itself as a powerhouse in the snus industry, renowned not only for its high nicotine content but also for its commitment to offering an intensely strong nicotine indulgence. This product is particularly celebrated for its unique burning sensation, the significant buzz it provides, and the swift nicotine kicks it delivers. As Siberia from GN Tobacco continues to surge in popularity, it remains the preferred choice for those who seek the ultimate level of nicotine gratification.


The Original Siberia Snus Varieties the Siberian Winter Mint Flavor

Siberia Red, Siberia Blue and Siberia Brown were the first Siberia snus to make it on the market.

All the portions weighed in at 1 gram and gave you the option of the regular size, also called the large, as well as the slim version. 

Each original Siberia snus variety is characterized by a unique blend, offering a taste of mint combined with spicy undertones. This mint mix, infusing both mint and menthol, delivers a biting cold sensation. The distinct fusion of mint and tobacco in these varieties ensures a bold and invigorating flavor experience.


Expanding the Siberia Product Line

Since then GN Tobacco has expanded its product line to accomodate users who prefer the traditional taste of tobacco minus the mint and has created Siberia Black.

They have also added another format to the original Siberia Red and have introduced Siberia Red White Dry Mini.


All About Siberia Snus

A Note of Caution

Siberia Snus is not an introductory product.

If you are a first-time snus user, we do not recommend you use Siberia. 

Due to its extremely high nicotine levels, Siberia snus is not recommended for anyone and everyone who choses to consume snus.

For first time users, we recommend you take get aqcuainted with the mild and regular strength snus  we offer and choose products with less than 10mg/g of nicotine instead.

The choice of your Siberia will depend on the taste you want, whether it is mintier or with a stronger touch of tobacco. And if you are looking for the strong sensation with the 43mg/g or the sensation of the Siberia Blue which emphasizes more the icy sensation of mint.

N.B.  It is important to note that Siberia is not recommended for inexperienced snus users and needs to be used with caution due to its extremely high nicotine content.


What is the Best Siberia?

The Siberia Snus product line has something for everyone.  Getting to know all the varieties will help you properly choose the right one for you.

As described earlier, Siberia Varieties are distinguished through the different colors of their packaging.


Types of Siberia’s Format

The difference between Siberia Red, Siberia Blue and Siberia Brown lies in the portion types for each of these products.

The Siberia Red is a white dry portion.

“Dry” meaning the tobacco in the portion has not been moisturized during the manufacturing process and is drier than other portions resulting in minimal drip.

“White” meaning the portion pouch is made of a tightly woven paper material that resembles fabric, giving it a white appearance.

The result is the gradual, slow release of flavor and nicotine allowing a longer lasting snus experience that doesn’t run out as quickly as an original portion.

The Siberia Blue is a white portion.

Echoing the essence of a Siberian winter, this variant, akin to the Siberia Red, is a white portion that stands out.

Its enhanced moisture content not only stimulates the senses but also offers a juicier and more flavorful experience, providing a short answer to the quest for rich taste.

The Siberia Brown is an original portion.

It differs from both the Red and Blue varieties. The tobacco is moisturized and the portion material is loosely woven.  As a result, the tobacco in the portion is visible, thereby its name, Siberia Brown.

As an original portion, it is characterized by its cool and fast release of nicotine and flavor and by its juiciness.


Buy Siberia Snus Online for Experienced Users

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Siberia Red The siberia -80 ℃ white dry Extremely Strong

It is a white dry portion snus with a 43mg/g nicotine concentration, up to 5 times stronger than typical Swedish snus. Siberia Red is a go-to product for its revitalizing spearmint flavor.

This snus is not moistened and has a tight weave pouch. Siberia Smokeless Tobacco has less drip and a slower, more sustained flow of tobacco and flavor.

Siberia Blue The Mint Ice Cold White Strong

It has a 24 mg/g nicotine concentration per pouch and a potent peppermint taste. The product also scores as highly potent snus when compared to other snus with high nicotine strengths but having a lesser nicotine strength.

Siberia Black The Traditional Snus

The Siberia Black is an exceptional mix of traditional Swedish spicy tobacco flavor and floral undertones.

This snus is moisture-enriched and packs a high nicotine punch, making it one of the strongest in its category. With a rapid release mechanism, it mirrors the intensity of Siberia Red, boasting a robust 43mg/g nicotine concentration.

Siberia Brown The White Dry Ultra Strong White

Discover this variety of Siberia. It also contains a very high strength of nicotine with its 43mg/g. Taste this strong and flavorful menthol original portion.

The Unique Siberia Box 500 gr of Snus

If you’re a serious consumer of Siberia Red or Siberia Red Slim, take advantage of amazing cost savings by getting the 500g box. Each box contains about the same amount of portions as you would find in 38 snus cans, that is more than 500 portions.

Siberia is the most intense nicotine experience, so good ahead, chose your preference and shop now! This brand has a considerable range of products, you can explore all the different options here.


Siberia All-White the Nicotine Pouch Tobacco Free

Looking for a high-quality nicotine pouch with an intense kick? Look no further than Siberia All White! With a staggering 33 mg/g of nicotine, these portions pack a powerful Swedish punch that’s sure to invigorate even the most experienced users.

Like its cousin, this snus and nicotine pouches, known for its frosty mint pouches, Siberia All White offers the same trademark flavor, providing that icy, lip-numbing experience. Whether you prefer traditional pouches or slim formats, Siberia All White has you covered, with multiple options designed for a comfortable feel under the lip.

Don’t let the hype fool you – Siberia All White is the real deal. This high-quality product does not compromise on strength, flavor, or feel, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an exhilarating nicotine experience. Try Siberia All White nicotine pouches today and experience the intense kick that everyone’s talking about!