Siberia Brown Extremely Strong Chew Bags

Siberia Brown Extremely Strong Portion Snus is a snus with a high quality and a taste of spearmint. 43mg/g nicotine.

43 mg/g
1 g
4.89 4.89 € per can (you save 0 €)
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Siberia Brown Power Portion, by GN Tobacco, is one of the powerful and flavorful varieties in Siberia’s extensive line of products. The strong and flavorful sting of menthol merges beautifully with the dark, rich and robust taste of tobacco in Siberia Brown. The extreme strength of Siberia Brown, in particular, may be overbearing for some since its portion bags are moist, allowing an almost immediate nicotine and flavor release, and contain a whopping 43mg/g of nicotine content per portion. Cleverly blended for a delicious combination of tobacco and menthol, the power in each portion is felt so strongly, its effect is almost tangible. Experience the cold power of Siberian winters in a soft and comfortable portion. Order your Siberia Brown Ice Cold Power Portion snus today and take advantage of unbeatable service and prices, with delivery to many countries all around the world. Only at