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White Fox

The White Fox Line – Top quality nicotine pouches manufactured by GN tobacco.  Extra strong nicotine concentration to satisfy strong nicotine cravings in all-white, tobacco-free pouches. Sleek, clean and minty fresh (with one exception – the Black Portion)

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GN Tobacco – A Visionary 

GN Tobacco is the mastermind behind the White Fox brand.  If you know anything about GN Tobacco, then you know that they have created some of the most popular and strongest products on the tobacco snus market, such as Siberia and Oden’s snus.  

GN Tobacco is a visionary in the field and is surely very much in tune with consumer needs and wants. 

This vision has allowed them to tap into the majority of snus consumers’ desires and develop strong and flavorful products that are appealing to the masses.  

The Freedom of Choice

GN believes in the freedom of choice and it shows.  They have created a variety of snus, chewing tobacco, and nicotine pouches. 

This has allowed them to grab a piece of each market but also to offer a wide range of choices to their customers. 

GN not only offers a wide variety of snus packed with high-quality tobacco from all over the world but has created a budget snus, affordable to all with their Oden’s snus brand, and has appealed to every possible flavor and strength preference out there.  

The request for longer-lasting and even stronger snus has pushed them to create the Siberia line.  Every product line at GN Tobacco has been designed and created with a specific consumer in mind. 

They’ve left no rock left unturned and will surely continue to impress as snus, and its consumers, evolve.


Tobacco-Free Snus

Being a producer of potent and powerful snus, GN tobacco saw the snus world change with the introduction of tobacco-free portions and immediately discerned an opportunity:  Use their expertise in making powerful snus and apply it to all white nicotine pouches. 

This is how the White Fox line was created.

GN quickly understood that there was a shift taking place in the tobacco industry and jumped on the opportunity to fill the gap. 

The already existing tobacco-free products on the market were either geared towards beginners, experiencing nicotine for the first time, or smokers, looking for a smoke-free alternative to getting their nicotine hit.  

What was missing was an extra-strong, super flavorful alternative that would also deliver a fast, powerfully strong nicotine kick and also taste great.  

GN’s White Fox line was created with that goal in mind and went even further by developing a whole line of White Fox all-white tobacco-free nicotine pouches. 


The Unique White Fox Cans

Before even opening a can of White Fox, GN has provided us with a feast for the eyes. 

The White Fox cans are unique, with each can representing a different White Fox variety.  

You can almost feel the arctic cold when looking at a can of White Fox:  The hologram effect on the can, the white fox’ crystal eyes, and the shimmer and shine of the ice mountains will surely send shivers down your spine.    

What’s Special About White Fox?

  • The Icy Mint Taste – White Fox products are minty fresh, with the exception of the black can, and release a unique minty fresh flavor. 
  • The Original Large Portion – Most tobacco-free nicotine pouches on the market offer the popular slim format; The ingredients filling the pouch are less voluminous than natural ground tobacco, allowing the possibility for creating a slimmer portion without affecting nicotine strength.  

The Red Can, White Fox Full Charge, is an exception to the rule.  It boasts a large plump portion resembling regular snus portions in terms of size but is completely white and tobacco-free, and will not stain your teeth as a large snus portion will.

Tobacco Flavor in a Nicotine Pouch –  The Black Can – Do you crave the smoky taste of dark Tobacco but want to keep your teeth from staining?  The White Fox Black slim portion is for you!  

An all-white portion with a discreet fit and a fleece-like material made with plant fibers and chewing gum base for that comfortable mouth feel and the quick symbiotic release of super strong nicotine and authentic tobacco taste.

Flavored with Essential OilsIn addition to their artificial flavorings and sweeteners, White Fox nicotine pouches’ icy fresh mint flavor is attained through the essential mint oils that are added to the pouch ingredients.  These oils really take the mint flavor up a notch and give them a higher quality authentic mint taste compared to artificial mint flavor in other nicotine pouches.


The White Fox Line

  • White Fox Full Charge – The Red Can – Original Variety- This White Fox is the first in the White Fox series and was surely created with the intention of creating a tobacco-free alternative to super-strong plump snus portions.  Large portions provide a nicotine strength of 16.5 mg/portion.  Minty fresh taste.

White Fox Full Charge is guaranteed to kick you in the face and send your head spinning!  

* All other White Fox varieties have a slim format.

Other White Fox Mint Varieties : 

  • White Fox Double Mint –  The Turquoise Can – A strong icy mint flavor
  • White Fox Peppered Mint – The Green Can – Mint and pepper flavor
  • White Fox All White – The Blue Can – Icy mint flavor
  • White Fox Black Slim – The only White Fox with an authentic dark tobacco flavor.

Why Choose White Fox?

All White Fox nicotine pouches are white portions and offer a long-lasting nicotine experience. 

Their fleece-like material is soft and comfortable yet nicotine and flavor are released effectively and instantly. 

As mentioned above, the White Fox portions are filled with all-white ingredients that will not stain your teeth and with essential oils that contribute to their authentic icy fresh mint flavor. 

These oils not only contribute to the unique and delicious taste of the portions but also moisten them and allow the fast symbiotic release of nicotine and flavor.  

White Fox is a revolutionary product offering a super strong nicotine experience in an all-white portion with a discrete slim fit and no drip.

White Fox is also the first to offer the smoky taste of dark tobacco in a tobacco-free portion and the first to come up with a plump, large sized nicotine portion for a mouthfeel that can only be achieved with large snus portions.

Give yourself the freedom to choose with White Fox high-quality nicotine pouches.