Siberia White Dry Extremely Strong 16g


Siberia White Dry Extremely Strong Portion, also called Siberia Red, is a white snus with high quality and a taste of spearmint. If you’re looking for an extremely powerful experience, look no further! You’ve met your match with the Siberia Snus line of products.

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15 Pouches
43 mg/g Nicotine
0.9 g Weight/Pouch
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Siberia Red Details


Brand : Siberia
Nicotine content : 43mg/g
Type : White Dry Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco and Spearmint
Strength : Extreme


Siberia Snus made by GN Tobacco

Start your journey with Siberia Snus from GN Tobacco. It’s known for its powerful chewing tobacco. GN Tobacco offers Siberia Snus as a top choice for strong nicotine lovers.

Each Siberia Snus tin has a regular-sized chew bag. It’s comfortable and strong. As soon as Siberia Snus hits the market, it becomes a top pick for experienced users. They seek an intense experience.

Siberia Snus means quality and strength. GN Tobacco ensures this with each tin. Brace yourself for a potent blend. It leaves a lasting impact and sets new satisfaction levels.


Siberia -80 ℃ White Dry – The Strongest Snus Products With High Nicotine

Siberia Snus stands out with its tobacco blend, providing a strong nicotine experience coveted by many. Crafted by GN Tobacco, these nicotine pouches are the top pick for those in pursuit of a potent kick. Notably, the Siberia extremely strong white dry product lead the pack with their lower tobacco moisture, offering a distinct sensation that is less damp than regular ‘white’ bags.

For a strong nicotine experience, these pouches deliver, thanks to their tailored moisture content. They fit snugly under the upper lip, ensuring a discreet yet intense nicotine journey that ranks among the most formidable on the market.


Siberia Extremely Strong – The Ultimate White Dry Portion Snus

Siberia Red elevates the snus experience with its unparalleled intensity, embodying the extreme strong essence of the intense chill of Siberia -80°C. This white dry portion snus is renowned for its incredibly high nicotine content of 43mg/g, positioning it as one of the world’s strongest snus options. The refreshing mint flavor, combined with a robust tobacco base, places Siberia Red in a league of its own, offering an extremely strong snus experience that mirrors the biting chill of Siberia -80°C.

The product’s high nicotine content is designed for those who seek an extraordinary snus adventure, delivering a powerful sensation that stands behind an intense and biting experience. Siberia Red’s unique formulation captures the essence of the Siberian wilderness, offering a chilling blast that complements its extreme strength. This makes Siberia Red not just a choice, but a journey into the heart of intensity, making it a real winner for those who dare to embrace the intense chill of siberia -80 ℃ and high nicotine content of this legendary snus.


Siberia White Dry Snus Portions – A Long-Lasting Release in Tobacco and Flavor

Siberia White Dry Snus stands out with its meticulously crafted tobacco blend, offering a potent yet refined nicotine experience. By forgoing the moisturizing process, Siberia achieves a drier texture and tighter weave in each pouch, ensuring minimal drip and a potent, enduring nicotine release. This unique approach allows for a slow, sustained release of flavor and nicotine, setting a new standard for longevity in the snus world.

Each can of Siberia -80 encapsulates this promise, delivering a long-lasting release of both mint and tobacco flavors. The dry portion is a pleasure for those who appreciate a minimal drip yet a long taste experience. The addition of spearmint flavor enhances the Siberia White Dry Portion, making it a favorite in both the UK and USA. This minty Siberia variant offers a refreshing twist, with an intense and biting minty character that cleverly masks a dark and rich tobacco flavor beneath.

This ingenious balance between the biting minty character and the underlying dark and rich tobacco flavor provides a complex, satisfying experience. It’s designed to invigorate both your body and your taste buds, offering a real treat for those in search of a strong nicotine kick paired with refreshing, enduring flavor. Siberia White Dry Snus represents the zenith of pouch innovation, expertly marrying intense strength with a lasting taste that’s sure to impress.


Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion – Swedish Snus Not for Novices

Dive into the intense world of Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion, a renowned product from the Siberia brand that stands as one of the strongest snus options available. With a staggering nicotine content of 43mg/g, this Swedish snus is not just strong; it’s in a league of its own. Every can of Siberia -80 houses portions that are twice as potent as other strong contenders and quintuple the strength of regular 8mg/g snus varieties.

Crafted for the seasoned snus enthusiast, the pouches of Siberia -80 are incredibly soft, ensuring a comfortable fit despite their formidable power. The taste is ingenious, as behind the refreshing minty character hides a dark and full-bodied tobacco essence, providing a complex and satisfying experience. This product is a testament to the renowned Siberia brand’s commitment to delivering unparalleled potency and flavor.

Given its extreme strength, Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion is not recommended for novices. It’s tailored for those who seek one of the strongest snus experiences, combining intense nicotine kicks with a sophisticated flavor profile. Every portion delivers an unforgettable journey into the bold and invigorating essence of Siberia.


Siberia Products – Among the Strongest on the Market

GN Tobacco’s offerings, known for their unparalleled strength, include the formidable Siberia Red -80 Degrees White. This particular variant, often referred to as the Red -80 Degrees White Dry, is a powerhouse in the world of snus. With its unmoistened chewing portion bags, it delivers a dry experience that seasoned enthusiasts seek.

Siberia Red -80 Degrees White packs a punch with 43 mg/g of nicotine, making it the go-to for experienced snus users seeking an intense rush. Its regular white portions deliver nicotine slowly and steadily for a durable and strong experience.

For the thrill-seekers, Siberia Red -80 Degrees White Dry presents an unyielding and powerful snus journey. It stands as one of the market’s most potent offerings, a true testament to extreme snus.


Experience a Strong Headrush with Siberia Snus

Neatly packed in cold-war themed cans, Siberia Reds are quite soft for a white dry product. This snus product provides an instant cooling sensation followed by a burn, thanks to its ultra-strong spearmint taste with a hint of sweetness and undertones of dark tobacco. Pop one in and you’ll definitely feel the kick in less than 10 minutes! Not everyone can handle these, but those who can, absolutely love it.

In conclusion, choose Siberia Snus for the market’s strongest snus. Its variety and strength cater to all, but brace yourself for the ultra-strong Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion. So just buy siberia snus online and try Siberia the strong Snus Experience with Extremely high Nicotine Strength.


Buy Siberia -80 White Dry Extremely Strong Online

Start your snus journey with Siberia -80ºC White Dry. Buy it online. It’s the strongest portion snus out there. Its nicotine content is very high. This is not for beginners. It’s for experienced users who want a strong hit.

Order from home. Get fresh snus delivered to your door. Siberia -80ºC is all about extreme strength. It’s a top pick for experts. Buying Siberia -80 White Dry online means getting a piece of its famous intensity.

Experience Siberia -80ºC. Its white dry format is crisp and clean. Yet, it still delivers a strong nicotine kick. Place your order now. Get ready for a powerful snus experience.



Tobacco, Water, Common Salt, Flavors, Moisture preserving substance, Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E501)