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General Snus

The best of GENERAL Snus is acutally avalaible in your snusline snus shop. desicover below more about this Original Swedish Snus Brand by Swedish Match.

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Discover General Snus

General is a premium Swedish snus brand manufactured by Swedish Match, a company that also produces cigars, lights, and matches. This traditional snus has a rich history, dating back to its creator Johan A. Boman, who spent four years perfecting his recipe for the perfect snus.

Today, General is considered one of the finest snus brands in the world, with a signature flavor that combines young tobacco leaves from over 20 different plants, a drop of bergamot oil, and a touch of pepper.


General Snus Product Line

General offers a variety of strengths and formats, including loose, classic original portion, and classic white portion in large and mini sizes.

For those looking for something different, General also offers a limited edition product line that includes General Harvest, General Mackmyra, and General Extra Strong.


General Inspired Snus

General snus has inspired the quality and flavor of many newer snus brands produced by Swedish Match. Examples of such snus include ONE, G.3, and XR.


Swedish Match in the 21st Century

Swedish Match has expanded beyond tobacco and matches to include a diverse portfolio of smoke-free products, which accounts for more than 65% of its sales.

The company is dedicated to creating a world without cigarettes and follows strict hygiene practices and quality standards to produce its snus products.


General: The Original Snus

Since its creation over 150 years ago, General has remained an industry leader, with a reputation for high-quality ingredients and master craftsmanship. Swedish Match continues to develop new snus brands while maintaining the same standards of quality that made General a household name.


General Snus: A Leader in Quality and Innovation with a Wide Range of Products

General also offers a line of portion snus, including the Classic Original Portion and the Classic White Portion, available in both large and mini sizes. These products provide a convenient and mess-free snus experience for users who prefer portioned snus over loose.

For those looking for a stronger snus option, General also offers the Extra Strong portion snus. With a nicotine strength of 14mg/g, this product is sure to provide a strong and satisfying nicotine hit.

In addition to its traditional snus offerings, General has also inspired newer snus brands at Swedish Match, such as ONE, XR, and G.3. These brands have built upon General’s quality and flavor to create their own unique snus products.

One notable example is General Mackmyra, which is infused with Mackmyra whisky and a blend of dried fruits and cedar oak. This product provides a unique and sophisticated snus experience for those who appreciate the taste of whisky and the aroma of oak.

As a leader in the smokeless tobacco market, Swedish Match has developed impressive technology for its snus production facilities. The company adheres to strict hygiene practices and uses only approved ingredients, ensuring the highest quality standards for all its snus brands.

Despite the passage of 150 years since its creation, General snus remains a flagship brand for Swedish Match, leading the way in snus innovation and quality craftsmanship. With a rich history and a wide variety of products to choose from, General is a top choice for snus enthusiasts around the world.

As Swedish Match describes, their tobacco operations commenced in AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet, in the form of a monopoly that was founded in 1915. The monopoly took over 103 snus brands and lasted over fifty years before being dissolved in 1967.

The companies’ histories merged in 1992 when tobacco products and light operations were included in the Procordia Group, and in 1994, they were joined into one group under the company name Swedish Match.


Discover the Many Reasons to Choose General Snus

General snus offers a wide range of flavors, strengths, and formats, making it a top choice for snus enthusiasts worldwide. But what sets General snus apart from other brands? Here are some reasons to consider adding General snus to your next order:

  1. Extremely High Quality Standards: General snus is produced by Swedish Match, a company that adheres to strict quality standards in its manufacturing process, known as ‘GOTHIATEK’. This ensures that every portion is of excellent quality, and the same hygiene standards as food production are followed.
  2. Wide Range of Flavors: General snus offers a variety of flavors, ranging from the simplicity of sweet peppermint to the complexity of dark tobacco and “Svensk Ek” whisky in General Mackmyra Original. With so many options, it may be difficult to choose just one.
  3. Nicotine Strengths for All Users: General snus caters to all nicotine preferences, ranging from 4 mg/g in General Classic White Mini to 13 mg/g in General Classic Extra Strong. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned snus user, General has a product for you.
  4. Excellent Format Options: General snus offers a variety of format options, including mini, slim, large, original, loose, white, and all-white. Whether you prefer a discreet mini format or a full-bodied original portion, General has you covered.
  5. Elegant and Classic Can Designs: General snus cans are not only functional but also beautiful, indicating sophistication, passion, and a taste for premium snus. They make being proud of your snus very easy.
  6. Not Just the Original: General snus offers contemporary options for users who prefer slimmer, more nicotine-rich, white portions. The G.3 Snus and G.4 Snus are interpretations of General that cater to the modern and discreet user.

Overall, General snus offers a snus experience that caters to a wide range of preferences, all while maintaining high quality and classic elegance. It’s no wonder why General remains a flagship brand for Swedish Match after 150 years since its creation.


Who Can Enjoy General Snus?

Despite its sophisticated flavors and visually stunning cans, General snus is not reserved only for the high-class or experienced user. In fact, General has something to offer for everyone, from beginners to life-long snus users.

The brand prides itself on producing not just the perfect snus, but the perfect snus for all, with a wide range of flavors, strengths, and formats to choose from. General is committed to accessibility and inclusion, leaving no snus user behind.

Its products are manufactured with the highest standards of hygiene, quality, and user satisfaction, ensuring that disappointment is a rare occurrence.

So whether you’re just starting your smokeless journey or adding to your collection, General snus is a brand worth trying.