General Extra Strong Original Portion Snus


General Extra Strong Original Portion Snus promises a rich blend of robust flavor and elevated nicotine kick. This premium Swedish snus is the perfect choice for bold connoisseurs seeking tradition coupled with intensity.

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20 Pouches
14 mg/g Nicotine
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General Extra Strong Original Details

Brand : General
Nicotine content : 14 mg/g
Type : Original Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Extra Strong


General Snus: The Top Brands

Making its mark in the annals of snus history, General Snus, and specifically the General Extra Strong Classic, has consistently been at the cutting edge of snus evolution. The original General recipe, created by Johan A. Boman over 150 years ago, sparked a revolution in flavor that reshaped the snus industry. This General Snus model, with its robust blend of more than 20 types of tobacco and a crowning touch of bergamot oil, epitomizes this revolution and establishes the gold standard for snus worldwide. Throughout its illustrious 150-year journey, General, particularly this smokelss tobacco model, has championed snus innovation. This includes pioneering the portion pouch in 1985, the innovative drip-free White Portion in 2003, and the distinctive graphite black Onyx in 2005.

Savor the Extraordinary Taste and Flavor

When you purchase General Extra Strong Classic Portion, you’re indulging in more than just snus – you’re experiencing a slice of tradition. This iconic offering captivates with its robust spicy tobacco flavor, seamlessly blended with the classic taste of General. Enriched with bergamot oil, this snus features an aromatic fusion of tobacco and bergamot, complemented by subtle notes of licorice, pepper, tea, hay, and leather.

Every portion showcases General’s signature spicy tobacco character and flavor. It blends spiciness with a touch of sourness, creating a unique experience. Additionally, green herb hints enhance the aroma, adding depth to the tobacco taste. This snus remains faithful to its original recipe, promising the earthy, smoke-tinged taste of premium tobacco leaves and an array of exquisite flavorings in every pouch. The flavored essence of this snus, combined with its rich tobacco flavor, makes General Extra Strong Classic Portion a divine choice for those who cherish the timeless, classic taste of General.

A Strong Strike of Nicotine

When you choose General Extra Strong Classic Portion, you’re embracing more than just snus – you’re indulging in a slice of history. As a distinguished variant within the esteemed General snus lineage, General Extra Strong Classic Portion is renowned for its intense strength, characterized by an extra strong nicotine kick of 14 mg/g. Upon its debut, it was celebrated as the pinnacle of strong snus, setting a benchmark for potency. Though other varieties have since eclipsed it in strength, its legacy as a pioneer of extra strong snus endures.

Opting for the General Classic Extra Strong Portion offers aficionados a distinct snus experience, not merely through its elevated level of nicotine but also via its innovative delivery. The use of a moisturized portion pouch differentiates it, ensuring a rapid and pronounced nicotine release. This method is crafted for immediacy and efficacy, aiming to provide an unparalleled impact for those who seek an extra strong nicotine kick.

Despite its robust profile, this extra strong portion snus preserves a harmonious equilibrium. It orchestrates an extraordinary snus narrative, where the formidable strength is skillfully balanced with depth of flavor, presenting a snus experience that refuses to compromise, satisfying the desires of even the most discerning snus enthusiasts.

General Extra Strong Classic: The Perfect Portion

The portion format of General Classic Extra Strong is moist and large. This delivers a swift release of flavor and nicotine for a powerful kick. The pouches are perfectly shaped. They fit subtly and comfortably under your lip. This makes them an ideal choice for those wanting a break from loose snus. It’s also great for those needing discretion at social events.

Buy Snus Online – Customer Reviews

From the distinct bergamot aroma to its enduring flavor, customers rave about General Extra Strong Classic. One enthusiast notes, “Molding the pouches is easy, ensuring they fit comfortably under the lip during use.” Another adds, “It’s simply perfect, with a strong, rich taste yet remains balanced for daily enjoyment.” Initially, some found its strength overwhelming but came to relish the potent nicotine hit. “Its flavors are exceptional, perfect for a post-breakfast snus,” a satisfied user remarks. Another points out, “When other brands no longer satisfy, this one reminds me of the kick from my first snus experience.” Clearly, General Classic Extra Strong holds a special place for many, cherished for its distinct taste and quality, a snus mainstay since the late 1800s.

Discover the deep heritage and bold flavor of General Extra Strong Classic Portion Snus, celebrating General Snus’s lasting legacy. Order your can online today and join a longstanding tradition.



Tobacco, Water, Common Salt, Flavor enhancer (sodium chloride) , Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E501), Humectant.

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