Velo Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches


Experience the invigorating flavor of Velo Ice Cool Strong Slim, featuring a powerful mint aroma and icy peppermint taste. This tobacco-free nicotine pouch offers a discreet, refreshing, and satisfying experience for users seeking a bold and cooling sensation.

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14 mg/g Nicotine
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Velo Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim Details

Brand : Velo
Nicotine content : 14 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim All White
Flavor : Mint
Strength : Strong


Velo Ice Cool Strong Slim Top Brands Review

In the UK and beyond, Velo Ice Cool stands out for those seeking a top-notch nicotine experience without tobacco’s drawbacks. This product shines with its exceptional flavor, making it a favorite in the Velo lineup. Additionally, the tingling sensation from Velo Ice Cool Mint Slim Strong adds an exciting twist.

Moreover, VELO, backed by BAT UK Limited, leads the nicotine pouch market in Scandinavia. It’s a go-to for tobacco-free enthusiasts. The appeal of VELO lies in its clean flavors, variety of formats, and quick nicotine hit. Plus, with each pouch being 100% tobacco-free, there’s no worry about stained teeth or bad breath.

For UK shoppers, buying Velo Ice Cool online offers great value. Step into a refreshing nicotine world minus the tobacco troubles. Discover why VELO continues to win over users.


British American Tobacco decides that Lyft Ice Cool become Velo

British American Tobacco has announced a significant rebranding: the Lyft brand is evolving into Velo. This strategic move sees the popular Lyft Ice Cool transitioning to become Velo Ice Cool Mint. While “cool is the new name,” the essence remains unchanged. The intensity of Velo Ice Cool ensures a consistent and satisfying nicotine release, much like its predecessor. Fans looking to buy Velo Ice Cool Mint can expect the same invigorating experience, characterized by a refreshing mint flavor and an optimal nicotine strength. The product continues to utilize natural fibers for a comfortable fit and clean usage. Essentially, the only difference is the name; the quality and exhilarating experience that users have come to expect from the Lyft brand will persist under the Velo banner, marking a new chapter for this beloved nicotine pouch line.

VELO Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim – Flavor and Sensation

VELO Minty Slim offers a premium blend of vivid mint flavor paired with the invigorating coolness of menthol and eucalyptus, ensuring a high-quality experience. Once positioned under your lip, the menthol provides a satisfying numbing sensation, soon giving way to a fresh, crispy peppermint with hints of sweetness and notes of a cooling aftertaste. This robust blend, combined with a nicotine content of 10 mg/pouch, guarantees an exhilarating buzz that speaks to its quality and potency.

Slim Format: Discreet and Instant Satisfaction

VELO’s nicotine pouches can be used seamlessly due to their slim design and weight of just 0.7 grams. These small pouches fit comfortably between the upper lip and gum, ensuring discretion for users in any setting. Unlike many all-white products that can be dry and offer a slow release, VELO stands out with its high moisture content, ensuring an immediate effect. As they are tobacco-free, one pouch of VELO Ice Cool gives users a genuine snus-like sensation without the involvement of tobacco. This design and functionality make VELO an optimal choice for those searching for a modern, tobacco-free experience.

The Icy Cold Mint Flavor of VELO Ice Cool Slim Strong

Dive into the refreshing taste of VELO Ice Cool Slim Strong, where the full intensity of velo ice meets the crispness of a winter day in the Alps. Each pouch is a blast of velo crispy peppermint, meticulously blended to deliver the taste of mint at its peak. The blend of peppermint with hints of sweetness evokes the sensation of a brisk, rejuvenating breeze, akin to a refreshing mint flavor infused with subtle notes of eucalyptus and pine.

The cooling menthol not only amplifies the peppermint flavor but also introduces a soothing effect, distinguishing VELO Ice Cool as a standout choice. This unique concoction ensures that each pouch offers a frosty peppermint flavor, reminiscent of crunchy peppermint, that leaves users feeling revitalized.

VELO Nicotine Pouches are celebrated for their invigorating flavor profile, and VELO Ice Cool Slim Strong is no exception. It’s an invitation to experience the icy cold mint flavor in its most vibrant form, providing a sensory journey that recharges and satisfies, making it the ultimate selection for those who crave a truly cooling, refreshing and powerful nicotine experience.

Why Choose VELO Snus Nicotine Pouches Tobacco Free

Selecting VELO nicotine pouches is a wise decision for numerous reasons. Firstly, these pouches are made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring clean flavors and an authentic experience. They come in easily concealable formats, allowing users to enjoy their nicotine discreetly anytime and anywhere. The brands of British American Tobacco, specifically tobacco UK limited and nicoventures, are known for their commitment to delivering premium products for adult nicotine consumers. VELO, as Scandinavia’s top-rated nicotine pouch, stands as a testament to this dedication.

Notably, VELO Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim, with its strength of 10mg, is perfect for users looking for an invigorating and intense mint sensation. Its robust and speedy nicotine delivery guarantees a gratifying kick. For those who prefer to tuck it between their upper lip and gum, its discreet design offers a seamless experience, making it an ideal choice. The pouch’s tobacco-free nature ensures users get to relish the pleasure of nicotine portions without the associated concerns of traditional tobacco products. In the ever-evolving world of nicotine pouches, VELO remains a preferred choice, symbolizing both quality and convenience.

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Ingredients plant-based ingredients

Water, Salt, filler (E460), Flavors enhancer, aromas, nicotine, xylitol, thickener (E401), Salmiak, acidity regulator (E500), sweetener (E950), Plant Fiber