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General Classic White Portion Snus


General Classic White Portion Snus with a pure and earthy tobacco character true to age-old Swedish snus tradition packed in a white portion for convenience and a longer lasting snus experience.


General Classic White Portion is a portion snus packed in a soft white pouch that yields a longer lasting flavor and reduces runniness. Originally developed in 1849, master blender Johan A Boman made it his mission to create the best snus the world had ever tasted. Considering the popularity of General, it is easy to say he succeeded. His recipe holds true today and is still a closely held secret. General Classic White portion is a unique snus with a spicy tobacco character flavored with a touch of bergamot oil and a hint of pepper. There are some notes of tea as well as hay and leather that contribute to General Classic’s luxurious aroma and delicious flavor. The nicotine strength is at the regular mark and is released effectively at a gradual pace through the white portion pouch. General Classic White has a nice saltiness to it and really complements the spicy tobacco taste. General holds its original flavor from the moment it is placed under your lip until you are ready to remove it. Enjoy the classical earthy taste of top quality tobacco leaves and exquisite flavorings in General Classic White Portion snus and be part of an age old tradition.