Knox Strong White Portion Snus


Experience the robust flavour of Knox Strong White Portion Snus, a blend of traditional Swedish taste and a strong nicotine punch. Crafted for the discerning snus enthusiast, its citrus undertones balance the rich tobacco notes, providing a long-lasting, high-quality snus experience at an affordable price.

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Knox Strong White Portion Details

Brand : Knox
Nicotine content : 12 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Strong


Knox Strong White Portion Description

The Legend of Knox Snus

Dive into the world of Knox Snus, brought to life by Skruf Snus AB in 2006. Known as an affordable alternative to premium brands, Knox Strong White Portion snus is a budget-friendly delight that boasts surprisingly high-quality tobacco despite its low price. The brand, Knox, emerged from the shadows to challenge the Swedish snus giant, Swedish Match, setting new standards in the industry.

A Symphony of Flavors – The Knox Original Taste

Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the taste sensation offered by Knox Strong White Portion snus. Initially, it harmoniously combines the strength of the classic Knox White Portion, thereby enhancing the timeless flavor. As you delve deeper, the clear and pure tobacco taste makes its grand entry, hitting the palate with an unparalleled intensity. Following this, subtle hints of bergamot and citrus delicately unfold, adding an extra dimension to the flavor profile. All these delightful tastes are thoughtfully encapsulated in white pouches. As a result, not only do they provide a less-dripping experience, but they also ensure a longer-lasting flavor journey. In essence, every element of Knox Strong White Portion snus works seamlessly together to provide an unforgettable snus experience.

Rising to Power – The Knox Strong Version

Knox Strong White, a stronger variant of the Knox White Portion, offers an undiluted tobacco flavor that is rich and moist. It stands out among other low-cost brands, shedding the dryness commonly associated with them. This is where Knox Strong White truly takes center stage.

The Voice of the Customers

The love for Knox snus is not limited to Sweden but has spread worldwide. At Snus Con, an international event for snus enthusiasts, the global smokeless director for Skruf, Jonas Yden, shared that Knox is the second most popular snus brand in Sweden. This revelation pushed many to revisit the Knox line, leading to an increase in the brand’s demand.

Unraveling the Knox Experience

Knox Stark White’s robust tobacco aroma and flavor make it stand out. It delivers a slightly sweet citrus scent, deviating from the usual rose oil scent found in most Skruf products. With the perfectly filled portions fitting comfortably in the lip, the flavor leans towards a milder and sweeter version of the traditional bergamot taste. It offers a near-floral sweetness, with minimal pepper and a low salt balance. The flavor longevity is commendable, easily surpassing the one-hour mark, and the nicotine strength provides a pleasing, strong kick.

Skruf and Its Legacy

Skruf, since its inception in 2002, has maintained a reputation for high-quality snus. It stands apart with its focus on a wide range of different tastes and sleek modern design. Apart from Knox, Skruf has brought to market numerous other offerings like Smålands Brukssnus, Skruf Nyans, and Skruf Super White. After launching its first product, Skruf was acquired by the Imperial Tobacco Group in 2005.

Meet the Family – Knox’s Many Faces

From Knox Original to Knox Strong, Knox White, and even Knox Portion, the brand offers an array of variations to choose from. Each one brings forth an authentic tobacco taste, marking Knox as one of the largest snus brands today.

The Knox Strong White Sensation

Knox Strong White Portion Snus by Skruf is a force to be reckoned with. Its powerful tobacco-centric taste marries dark, rich tobacco flavor with bergamot notes, all laced with a hint of spice and herbs. With its white pouch design, it releases the flavor and nicotine slowly, promising a longer-lasting experience compared to the Knox Original Portion. The high nicotine strength offers a powerful kick, ideal for those seeking the same. The best part? You get all this quality at an unbeatable price. So why wait? Buy snus online today and join the league of satisfied Knox snus users. And for our friends in the UK, the good news is that snus is legal and ready for you to experience!



Tobacco (nicotine), water, acidity regulator (E500), salt, humectant (E1520), aromas.