Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White Portion


Dive into the intense world of Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White, where traditional salty licorice meets a potent nicotine kick in a discreet white portion. Shop online for a unique snus experience that combines the best of Scandinavian flavors with convenience and strength.

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15 mg/g Nicotine
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Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White Details

Brand : Kapten
Nicotine content : 15 mg/g
Type : Original Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco ans Salmiak
Strength : Extra Strong

Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White, also known as Kapten Salmiak X-Stark Vit, is a bold take on traditional Swedish snus, crafted by the renowned manufacturer AG Snus. This product blends the robust flavor of salmiak (salty licorice) with a significant nicotine kick, tailored for discerning snus aficionados. The combination of intense licorice taste and high nicotine levels positions this variant as one of the best in the Kapten lineup, appealing to those who seek a potent and distinctive snus experience.

The Unique Salmiak Flavor

Kapten Salmiak is renowned for its distinctive flavor profile, blending the potent taste of salmiak with a well-rounded tobacco base. This snus variant is particularly noted for its strong licorice flavor, which is both bold and satisfying. The salmiak, a traditional Scandinavian flavor, offers a unique snus experience, setting Kapten Salmiak apart from other snus products on the market.

Extra Strong for the Bold

With its extra strong nicotine content, Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White is tailored for users seeking a powerful nicotine experience. The high nicotine level ensures a robust and lasting snus experience, delivering extra strong nicotine kicks that satisfy the cravings of even the most seasoned snus enthusiasts.

White Portion: Discreet and Comfortable

The white portion format of Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White ensures a discreet and comfortable snus experience. These pouches are designed to fit snugly under the lip, minimizing drip and extending the release of both flavor and nicotine. The white portion snus from Kapten offers a cleaner and more discreet alternative to traditional snus, making it suitable for use in various settings.

Convenient Online Shopping

Buying Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White snus online brings unparalleled ease and access to this unique product. Online shops feature an extensive range of Kapten snus, including the potent salmiak option. With fast shipping and attractive prices, ordering snus online, especially Kapten Salmiak, becomes a seamless process. This ensures you can quickly get your favorite snus delivered right to your door without any hassle.

Explore Similar Kapten Variants

While Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White captivates with its unique licorice flavor and potent nicotine kick, it is just one of the many offerings from the Kapten brand. For those interested in exploring other flavors and strengths, Kapten offers a range of snus products, including traditional tobacco flavors and other unique blends. Each Kapten variant provides a different snus experience, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences.

Why Choose Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White?

Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White is the ideal choice for snus users who crave a strong nicotine hit coupled with the distinctive taste of salmiak. Its white portion design, coupled with the ease of online purchasing, makes this product a standout in the world of snus. Whether you’re a seasoned snus user or new to the world of nicotine pouches, Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White offers a unique and satisfying snus experience that combines tradition with innovation.



Tobacco, Water, Common Salt, Flavors, humectant (E422), Acidity Regulator (E500), aromas.

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