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Skruf like most of snus come from Sweden. Discover this line of premium snus with a mix of traditional and also innovative tastes and features. For more about skruf see above the products.

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The Skruf Snus Brand: A Rebel is Born

2002 – Skruf was created in 2002 by two guys from Sweden’s southern region, Småland.

Adam and Jonas believed that there should not just be one monopoly in the snus market and that it was time for change.

Contrary to Swedish Match, its number one competitor and the holder of more than 60% of today’s snus market, Skruf hasn’t been around for hundreds of years but has still managed to steal a good portion of the snus market share with its first original snus.


The Second Largest Scandinavian Snus Manufacturer

2003 – The Skruf brand is known for its superior quality and modern, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

One of the traits that has greatly contributed to Skruf’s success as a brand and turned it into the second largest Scandinavian snus manufacturer is their commitment to people.

They take their customers seriously and are tuned in to changing trends in the snus market.  This listening ear has allowed them to rethink the classical dark snus can and innovate with the first white snus can.

Skruf snus is also recognized for having original flavors and offering a multitude of choices for strength, format and portion type.

2005 – The Skruf brand has gained so much popularity since its introduction into the snus market in 2002 that it caught the attention of one of the largest tobacco companies, Imperial Tobacco, and was acquired by them in 2005.

2006 – Since its creation in 2002, and its acquisition in 2005, Skruf has expanded its brand portfolio with the creation of new brands:

  • 2006 – Knox – An affordable high quality snus with a robust tobacco taste.
  • 2012 – Smålands Brukssnus – A classical tobacco flavored snus at an affordable price.

Nonetheless, the original Skruf brand has expanded its product line to include:

  • 2018- Skruf Super White – the same great Skruf quality in tobacco-free nicotine pouches.


A Final Word on Skruf

Skruf’s success in the snus industry is largely due to its customer oriented marketing strategies and its motivation to constantly surprise and innovate.

You can surely expect to see more from Skruf as trends change and technological advances allow innovative processes in the field of snus.