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Skruf Snus The Swedish Snus Craftmanship

Skruf like most of snus come from Sweden. Discover this line of premium snus with a mix of traditional and also innovative tastes and features. For more about skruf see above the products.

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The Skruf Snus Brand: A Swedish Snus Rebel is Born

2002 – Skruf was created in 2002 by two guys from Sweden’s southern region, Småland.

Adam Gillberg and Jonas Engwall believed that there should not just be one monopoly in the snus market and that it was time for change.

Contrary to Swedish Match, its number one competitor and the holder of more than 60% of today’s snus market, Skruf hasn’t been around for hundreds of years but has still managed to steal a good portion of the snus market share with its first original snus.


Skruf Snus AB: The Second Largest Scandinavian Manufacturer Skruf Snus

2003 – The Skruf brand is known for its superior quality and modern, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

One of the traits that has greatly contributed to Skruf’s success as a brand and turned it into the second largest Scandinavian snus manufacturer is their commitment to people.

They take their customers seriously and are tuned in to changing trends in the snus market. This listening ear has allowed them to rethink the classical dark snus can and innovate with the first white snus can.

Skruf snus is also recognized for having original flavors and offering a multitude of choices for strength, format and portion type.

2005 – The Skruf brand has gained so much popularity since its introduction into the snus market in 2002 that it caught the attention of one of the largest tobacco companies, Imperial Tobacco, and was acquired by them in 2005.

2006 – Since its creation in 2002, and its acquisition in 2005, Skruf has expanded its brand portfolio with the creation of new brands:

  • 2006 – Knox – An affordable high quality snus with a robust tobacco taste.
  • 2012 – Smålands Brukssnus – A classical tobacco flavored snus at an affordable price.

Nonetheless, the original Skruf brand has expanded its product line to include:

  • 2018- Skruf launched the Skruf Super White series, a tobacco-free snus line. These nicotine pouches, made from natural plant fibers, offer a discreet, all-white snus experience. They come in Super Slim and Slim sizes and are available in different flavors and strengths. This line includes flavors such as blackberry, black currant, and licorice, expanding the range for those interested in exploring beyond traditional snus flavors.


The Swedish Snus Craftmanship

The Skruf snus brand, emerging from Sweden, exemplifies the craftsmanship of Swedish snus with its premium range of products. Founded in 2002, Skruf rapidly gained international recognition, particularly in the US, for its unique approach to traditional snus.

Skruf’s selection is diverse, offering a variety of types including Loose Snus, Original Portion, and White Portion. These come in different sizes like Super Slim, Slim, and Regular, catering to various preferences. The strengths of Skruf snus range from Medium Strong to Ultra Strong, accommodating users with varying nicotine tolerances.

Their traditional Original line features a well-rounded, slightly spicy tobacco character, enriched with hints of rose oil and bergamot. The Fresh line, on the other hand, is known for its clear and refreshing mint tones. Both lines are available in various strengths and portion sizes, ensuring a wide array of choices.

Each Skruf product is a result of careful selection of ingredients and innovative manufacturing methods. This dedication to quality and variety makes Skruf a notable brand in the snus market, constantly adapting to evolving trends and preferences.

For those looking to buy Skruf snus, it’s available online at Snusline with options for worldwide shipping, allowing customers to easily add their preferred Skruf products to their shopping cart.


An Explosion of Tastes: Filling Your Shopping Cart with Flavorful Delights

Embark on a sensory journey with “An Explosion of Tastes: Filling Your Shopping Cart with Flavorful Delights.” This delightful exploration dives into the world of uniquely flavored tobacco products, offering a symphony of tastes for discerning palates.

In the realm of fresh snus, a popular choice in the Swedish market, the experience begins with the classic tones of cassice, delivering a rich, fruity essence. Minty options provide a cool, refreshing burst, perfect for those seeking a crisp, invigorating flavor. Eucalyptus and licorice varieties cater to more eclectic tastes, each bringing its unique character to the tobacco blend.

The Nordic influence is unmistakable, with well-rounded tobacco notes enriched by organic ingredients. Rose oil, a luxurious addition, imparts elegant floral undertones, enhancing the overall flavor profile. The release of both flavor and aroma is carefully crafted, ensuring a harmonious balance that delights the senses.

Bergamot, a staple in many traditional tobacco recipes, offers a citrusy, slightly spicy touch, reminiscent of Earl Grey tea. It’s a testament to the sophisticated blending techniques honed over generations in the Swedish market.

For those looking for a more adventurous experience, “frozen shot” varieties bring an icy, invigorating edge to the tobacco ensemble, making each use a refreshing adventure. These refreshing flavors are perfect for those who enjoy a bold, yet balanced, taste experience.

This collection showcases the art of creating complex, satisfying tobacco products. From the subtle, earthy notes of organic tobacco to the bold, innovative blends featuring bergamot and eucalyptus, each product promises a unique tasting journey. Whether you’re a seasoned snus user or new to the world of flavored tobacco, this selection offers something for every taste preference.

As you fill your cart with these flavorful delights, remember the importance of responsible consumption and the varying regulations across regions. Always enjoy these tasteful experiences within the guidelines of local laws and personal discretion.


Skruf Super White the All-White Snus from Skruf

Skruf Super White marks a significant evolution in the journey of Skruf, a brand traditionally known for its snus products. This range stands out as a tobacco-free alternative, offering nicotine pouches that cater to a variety of preferences.

What Sets Skruf Super White Apart?

Skruf Super White is an innovative series that aligns with the modern demand for tobacco-free nicotine pouches. These pouches, known for their high nicotine content, are crafted to provide a satisfying experience without the use of tobacco. The “Super White” descriptor highlights their all-white composition, ensuring no staining on teeth and a cleaner usage experience.

Flavors and Experiences

The series includes a variety of flavors, with the Skruf Super White Slim Fresh being a popular choice. It’s designed to offer a crisp and refreshing taste, enhancing the flavor release for a more enjoyable experience. This versatility in flavors ensures there is something for everyone, catering to different palates and preferences.


For those looking to buy Skruf Super White, it’s conveniently available online, providing easy access to these tobacco-free products. The ease of purchase, combined with the quality of the product, makes Skruf Super White a go-to choice for nicotine pouch users.

Skruf Super White stands as a testament to Skruf’s innovation in the nicotine product market. By offering snus and tobacco-free options, they cater to a wide audience, maintaining their legacy while adapting to newer consumer needs. Whether you’re a long-time snus user or new to nicotine pouches, Skruf Super White offers a high-quality, satisfying experience.