Skruf Loose Strong Snus no.33


Experience the bold, natural flavor of Skruf Loose Strong Snus. This Swedish loose snus offers a robust, earthy tobacco taste, enhanced by a strong nicotine kick. Perfect for traditional snus users who prefer to customize their portions. Dive into the classic world of snus with Skruf Loose Strong.

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16 mg/g Nicotine
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Skruf Loose Strong Details

Brand : Skruf
Nicotine Content : 12 mg/g
Type : Loose
Portion size : Loose
Flavor : Tobacco and citrus
Strength : Strong

Skruf Loose Strong Description

Branding and Tradition: Skruf’s Mastery of Snus

Dive into the world of Skruf, a leading brand in the Swedish snus industry, renowned for its high quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Although not the oldest player, Skruf has gained immense popularity, offering a rich palette of taste, strength, and format variations. Among the crown jewels of Skruf’s collection is the Skruf Strong Loose Snus, meticulously crafted for a more intense flavor experience. Buy Skruf online and experience this Swedish tradition first-hand.

The Symphony of Flavor: Rich Tobacco Meets Citrus and Rose

Skruf Strong Loose invites you into a deep, robust world of exquisite tobacco flavor, a nod to quality snus craftsmanship. This snus variety delivers a darker, more robust experience than its portioned counterpart, testifying to Skruf’s dedication to a satisfying snus journey.

Commence your adventure with the potent taste of carefully chosen tobacco leaves. These leaves give rise to an earthy richness, shaping the full-bodied character of this snus. Its robust nature is warmed by a familiar undertone, celebrating the timeless snus tradition.

An unexpected player, the subtlety of bergamot, adds a refreshing layer to this snus’s profile. Its sweet-tart undertones create an exciting flavor dynamic.

Next, light citrus notes enter, adding a surprising tanginess to balance the tobacco’s intensity. These zesty hints bring a touch of vivacity to Skruf Strong Loose’s robust profile.

Finally, the sweet charm of rose oil rounds off this snus’s profile. Its delicate floral sweetness contrasts nicely with the earthiness and citrus tang, creating a well-rounded snus experience.

The Power Player: Nicotine Strength and Skruf Strong Loose

When it comes to strength, Skruf Strong Loose delivers. Infused with more tobacco leaves as per its unique recipe, this snus offers strong nicotine kicks (10mg/g), guaranteeing an invigorating rush for those who prefer their snus powerful. Add to that the hints of bergamot and rose oil, and you’re left with a product that excels in strength and flavor.

The Traditional Format: Loose Snus for the Connoisseur

Skruf Strong Loose Snus is for those who appreciate tradition and customization. Its moist texture allows for easy hand baking, enabling you to tailor your portions according to preference. The instant flavor release and high nicotine content, coupled with a comfortable fit under the lip, make Skruf Loose an instant favorite among seasoned snus users. Experience the luxurious, signature sting of Skruf today with this classic loose format.

Skruf Users Speak: Customer Reviews

From clear citrus and bergamot flavors to the snus’ moist texture that holds well under the lip, Skruf Strong Loose Snus has received high praise from consumers. Its strength, above-average at 12mg/g, and its robust, long-lasting flavor make it a top choice. Users also admire how its format can transform the snus experience – subtle changes like the lesser prominence of rose and the emergence of a smoky undertone bring forth new facets of flavor. They laud the texture, applauding its behavior under the lip and the ease of baking it into portions. Take it from satisfied users; the Skruf Strong Loose Snus experience is not one to miss out on.

Experience Skruf Strong Loose, a delightful mix of tradition, quality, and flavor. Order your Skruf online and be part of the Swedish snus culture!



Water, Tobacco (contains nicotine), salt, humectant (E1520), acidity regulator (E500), aroma.

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