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Odens Snus

Odens Snus, a distinguished brand crafted with pride by GN Tobacco, a family-owned Swedish enterprise dedicated to the art of snus production. Steeped in tradition, Odens Snus embraces the rich heritage of Scandinavian snus-making, blending the finest tobacco with modern innovations to deliver a truly unparalleled snus experience.

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GN Tobacco is behind many of the popular snus brands on the market today and created the Oden’s brand as a value product.

In general, GN Tobacco aims for fair competition amongst snus manufacturers and does just that by offering the Oden’s brand, a good quality product at a fair price.

GN Tobacco has succeeded in making Oden’s one of the most popular brands in the snus world by offering a large variety of snus at low prices.

Discover why Oden’s snus is one of the most popular brands in the Swedish tobacco market with an array of types, strengths and flavors.


More About Odens Snus Supplier GN Tobacco

Dive into the world of Oden’s Snus, a standout brand produced by the renowned GN Tobacco. Established in 2009, after marking its presence in the US market through a strategic alliance in 2007, GN Tobacco has quickly risen to prominence in the snus industry. Located in Enköping, Sweden, their factory is a hub for innovation and quality in snus production.

Oden’s Snus, crafted with a traditional touch, is just one of the many offerings from GN Tobacco, which also includes household names like Siberia, White Fox, and the upcoming Hit Nicotine Pouches. Each product is meticulously manufactured by GN Tobacco, ensuring a diverse range of strengths, flavors, and forms – from portion snus to loose snus, catering to every snus enthusiast’s preference.

What sets GN Tobacco apart is its commitment to variety and quality. With a portfolio that includes types of snus like Ving, Lenny, and Islay, alongside Oden’s Snus, they offer everything from traditional to innovative snus experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the world of snus, GN Tobacco’s extensive range, including the famous Oden’s Snus, provides a tailored experience for all.


What Makes Oden’s Chewing Tobacco One of a Kind?

Oden’s products are affordable without compromising on quality.  Their cans are generously packed and even have a special compartment for storing used pouches. Oden’s great quality at low prices make it a popular go to snus.


Oden’s Varieties

Although the Oden’s brand is recognized as a pioneer of ultra strong snus, its strengths range from normal to extreme. Oden’s snus is also available in almost every flavor imaginable.

Whether you relish the smoky classical taste of tobacco, the sting of cold mint or enjoy warmer flavors like vanilla or bergamot, you can be sure that Oden’s has got you covered.

To suit your personal taste or share with a crowd, you are sure to be pleased with an original portion or a loose snus meeting all your requirements.

With Oden’s, there is always something for everyone.


An Array of Flavors, Strengths, Sizes and Types

As such, Oden’s snus is available in a variety of flavors and strengths ranging from minty flavors to fruity flavors as well as licorice and other traditional snus flavors.  As far as tobacco flavors goes, you can find a range of sweetness and spiciness, from mellow to dark, robust and spicy.

Odens: Selection of Flavors

  • Dive into the great variety of Oden’s flavors at Snusline, where we proudly offer an extensive selection from this extremely popular brand. From the invigorating taste of mint in the Oden’s Extreme Double Mint to the refreshing wintergreen flavor of Oden’s Extreme Cold White, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

    Minty flavors are a standout in the Oden’s lineup, ranging from the subtle mint taste of their standard offerings to the intense minty blast found in the Oden’s Double Mint Extreme. Beyond mint, explore the unique profiles of Licorice, Melon, Vanilla, and even the classic zest of Lemon and Lime.

    For those who prefer traditional tastes, Oden’s Tobacco and pure Wintergreen varieties offer a deep, satisfying experience. The Extreme series takes flavor and strength to the next level, particularly with favorites like the Oden’s Extreme, known for its robust character.

    Whether you lean towards the convenience of portion snus or the versatility of loose snus, Oden’s caters to all preferences. Their selection includes everything from the subtle to the bold, ensuring that every snus enthusiast finds their perfect match. Discover the wide array of flavors Oden’s has to offer and find your new favorite today!


Oden’s Ultra-Strong Kicks: The Powerful Snus with Elevated Nicotine Levels

Dive into the world of Oden’s Ultra-Strong Kicks, where the powerful snus meets elevated nicotine levels, delivering an unmatched experience. With a spectrum of nicotine strengths from 9mg/g to an extreme 22mg/g, Oden’s caters to every preference. Whether you’re new to Swedish snus or a seasoned enthusiast seeking high nicotine content, Oden’s has you covered with its extra stark varieties, making it among the strongest on the market.

For those who appreciate a milder kick, Oden’s regular strength at 9mg/g offers flavors like the aromatic Odens Licorice Loose Snus and the invigorating Odens Cold White Portion Snus with a minty punch. The Odens 29 Portion, with its green apple zest, is another regular strength delight.

Venturing into the extra strong territory, with a nicotine level of 18mg/g, Oden’s ups the ante. The Odens Cold Extra Strong Portion Snus and the classical tobacco-flavored Odens Original Extra Strong Portion provide a robust snus experience. For a unique twist, try the Odens 59 Extra Strong Portion Snus, infused with cinnamon.

At the pinnacle, the Odens Extreme Snus stands with an extremely high nicotine content of 22mg/g, solidifying its position as one of the strongest on the market. Explore this large variety of products and experience the unparalleled level of nicotine that Oden’s ultra-strong kicks offer.


Oden’s Portion Sizes

Oden’s snus is available in two main formats: loose and portions.  The portion format can be split into two sizes:

  • Regular (Large): Oden’s regular sized portions are quite plump and contain 1g of tobacco in each portion.
  • Slim: Slim portions contain the same tobacco weight per portion as regular portons but offer a more comfortable, seamless fit thanks to the sleeker, slimmer and narrower shape of the portion pouch.

A popular Oden’s snus in the slim format variety is Odens Slim Double Mint Extreme White Dry


Oden’s Portion Types

Oden’s offers many of its flavors in original portion, white portion amd white dry portion varieties.

Here are some examples:

  • Odens Menthol Xylitol Extremely White Dry Portion Snus: An extremely strong and spicy mentholated snus in a white portion for a long lasting and effective release of flavor and nicotine with no drip.
  • Odens Cold White Portion Snus: A strong refreshing mint flavor that will ice your breath in a white portion filled with moisturized tobacco for a long lasting snus experience
  • Odens Double Mint Portion Snus: The freshness of peppermint and mild sweetness of spearmint flavors in a original portion snus. Experience a high level of moisture and the fast delivery of flavors and nicotine in this delicious snus.


The Oden’s Cold Extreme White Dry – 500 gr Box

Snusline also offers Odens Cold Extreme White Dry in bulk so you can take advantage of much better pricing!

If you’re a serious consumer of Oden’s Cold Extreme White Dry, think about getting the 500g box. Each box contains about the same amount of portions as you would find in 38 cans, that is more than 500 portions!


Buy Odens the Powerful Snus Online

Looking to buy Odens snus Online? You’re in the right spot! Oden’s is renowned for its powerful snus options, delivering ultra-strong kicks that seasoned snus enthusiasts crave. Ordering Odens online has never been easier. Whether you’re a long-time fan or curious to try, you can find and order Oden’s snus online with just a few clicks.

When you buy Oden’s snus online, you’re not only getting access to one of the most potent snus varieties on the market, but you’re also enjoying the convenience of fast shipping. That’s right – order Oden’s today, and it could be on its way to you in no time. The process is simple, secure, and designed for snus lovers who value both quality and convenience.

So, why wait? If you’re looking to buy Oden’s snus, the internet has you covered. With a range of options at your fingertips, finding and ordering your preferred Oden’s product online is a breeze. Experience the power of Oden’s snus with the ease of fast, reliable online ordering. Get ready to elevate your snus experience – order Oden’s online today!


Oden’s Summary

Oden’s is a one of a kind quality snus offering both affordability and variety.

With Oden’s large selection, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Don’t hesitate to take a look and discover new tastes:  Surprise yourself and create an interesting assortment of Oden’s snus for your regular rotation or discover a snus you can look forward to and enjoy occasionally. 

  • Attempt different flavors such as clove, mint or vanilla.
  • Have fun with licorice, cola, apple and many more…
  • Try varieties ranging from slim to large, normal to extreme, original to white dry, portions or loose snus.

The choice is yours! 

At these low prices, you can stock up on your favorites without breaking the bank!

Enjoy the brand with one of the largest selections available with Oden’s.