Odens Cold Extreme Portion Snus

Odens Cold Extreme Portion Snus with a mint flavor.

Nicotine content 22 mg/g.

22 mg/g
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Odens Cold Extreme Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, will surprise you with a refreshing spearmint flavor that does not cease to amaze! Feel an icy cold breath of chilly winter air in every portion and enjoy the clean minty taste and long lasting freshness, even after you remove the pouch from under your lip. The intense menthol freshness balanced with the sweet taste of spearmint grants this snus its exceptionally sharp taste for the freshest experience possible in extreme measures! The perfect blend of extremely strong nicotine and slightly sweet mint in every pouch, loaded with a large 22 mg/g dose of nicotine and icy fresh mint will make your head spin! Oden’s Cold Extreme Portion is large, yet comfortable, for that perfect fit behind your lip and delivers the great flavor and nicotine efficiently and almost immediately thanks to the moist portion bag. Oden’s have achieved the perfect balance between the ultra freshness of mentholated spearmint and the traditional earthy tobacco taste in this unique original portion. Buy some today!