Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White no.05


Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White is the ultimate choice for the intense snus user. Experience a crisp peppermint flavor combined with a powerful nicotine hit, all encased in comfortable, slim white pouches. Get your can today and savor the intensity of Skruf.

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24 Pouches
26 mg/g Nicotine
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SKRUF Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White Details


Brand : Skruf
Nicotine content : 26 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Spearmint
Strength : Ultra Strong


SKRUF Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White Description

Entering the scene in 2003, Skruf challenged the titans of the snus industry such as Swedish Match. They swiftly established a name for themselves, offering a diverse range of tastes, sizes, types, and strengths, and even pioneering unique snus variants like Smålands Brukssnus, Skruf Nyans, and Skruf Super White. A mere two years into their journey, Skruf’s potential was recognized by Imperial Tobacco Group, which acquired the brand, further bolstering its presence.

Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong: Minty and Mighty

Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White Snus immediately captivates the senses with its exhilarating peppermint core. An intricate balance of invigorating freshness and slight sweetness, this snus infuses the classic tobacco base with a dash of peppermint to craft a vibrant flavor profile.

The peppermint essence is distinctive yet subtle, bringing forward a sweet, slightly icy flavor that keeps your palate intrigued. The taste unfurls gradually, with the peppermint sweetness first tickling the taste buds, followed by a swift, cool kick that complements the initial sweetness.

Working in harmony with the peppermint is a hint of gentle menthol, adding another layer of freshness to the mix. The menthol provides a soothing undertone, enhancing the clean mouthfeel and leaving a refreshed, crisp aftertaste. This mint-menthol synergy offers a complex, multi-dimensional flavor experience that stands out from the crowd.

Characteristic of Skruf’s high-quality products, the Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White Snus comes with a comforting, cooling sensation when placed under the lip. This effect, stemming from the unique combination of peppermint and menthol, makes for a pleasantly invigorating snus experience, turning each use into a small escape from the ordinary. Whether you’re a long-time snus user or a newcomer, this cool sensation is sure to add a refreshing twist to your daily routine.

A Powerful Punch: High Nicotine Strength

The Skruf Slim Fresh line, which includes Regular #2, Stark #3 and Xtra Stark #4, boasts of the same invigorating minty flavor, but varies in nicotine content. The Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White leads the pack with a staggering 26mg/g nicotine level, making it the ultimate choice for those craving a powerful nicotine kick.

Perfectly Portioned: Slim and Fresh

Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White is a white portion snus that fits perfectly under your lip. The minimal drip and perfect size contribute to the overall fresh, sweet sensation. The pouches are relatively dry on the outside, a feature that ensures a longer-lasting flavor and nicotine experience.

Customers Agree: Refreshingly Robust

Many snus users agree: Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White is both refreshing and robust. The sensation has been described as surprising, with both a burning and cooling sense simultaneously accompanying an ultra-strong nicotine kick. The snus’ minty freshness and intense strength make for a unique and invigorating snus experience.

Skruf Online and in Sweden: Purchase Your Preferred Strength

You can conveniently purchase your Skruf snus online, whether you’re in Sweden or elsewhere. Whether you prefer Skruf Fresh No. 2 Mint Medium, Skruf Fresh No. 4 Mint Xtra Strong, or the Ultra Strong White, all are readily available. Skruf has stayed true to its commitment to offer snus products that cater to various tastes and strengths, all made with its high-quality, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Overall, Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White is the perfect blend of refreshing mint flavor and high nicotine content. It’s more than just a snus product; it’s an experience that’s minty, fresh, and incredibly strong.



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