Knox Blue White Portion Snus


Discover the refreshing taste of Knox Blue White Portion Snus. An ideal blend of quality tobacco, seasoned with a cool hint of juniper and herbs. Provides a satisfyingly strong nicotine punch enveloped in dry, white portions for less drip and a prolonged flavour experience. Perfect for those who want to buy snus online and enjoy Swedish-style smokeless tobacco. Is Snus legal in the UK? Absolutely, and it’s readily available at!

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8 mg/g Nicotine
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Knox Blue White Portion Details

Brand : Knox
Nicotine content : 12 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Medium


Knox Blue White Portion Description

Journey into the Knox Universe

Knox Blue White Portion Snus is a phenomenal offering from Småland, a charming region nestled in the southern parts of Sweden. This snus is the robust cousin of Skruf, a well-respected snus manufacturer. Despite Knox snus being the more affordable relative, Skruf has not compromised on the quality of tobacco used. Since its inception in 2006, Knox has won the hearts of many snus users, earning itself the second spot as the most consumed snus brand in Sweden.

A Symphony of Flavours

Immerse yourself in the robust and rich essence of tobacco that Knox Blue White Portion Snus magnificently presents. This robust flavor is not alone, though. It is tastefully enhanced by the discernible undertones of juniper, an element that lends a unique freshness, a certain piney zest that marries beautifully with the potent tobacco base. This unique concoction results in a flavor profile that is indeed complex yet astoundingly harmonious.

It’s hard not to draw parallels with the iconic brand Göteborgs Rapé when talking about this enticing blend. Göteborgs Rapé, beloved for its well-balanced and subtle floral notes, has found a kindred spirit in Knox Blue White when it comes to delivering a familiar yet captivating taste experience.

For adventurous souls eager to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with new flavors, yet cherishing the comforting embrace of the traditional, this particular blend offers the perfect middle ground. It marries the innovative use of juniper with the traditional, hearty tobacco taste, offering an experience that is both novel and reassuringly familiar. With every portion, you can expect an invigorating adventure, a taste exploration that pays homage to the roots while daringly venturing into new territories.

Navigating Nicotine Strength

With Knox Blue White Portion, you can expect a satisfying and well-rounded tobacco flavor laced with hints of lavender, citrus, and pine. Its strong nicotine content of 10.5mg per portion delivers a stimulating kick, yet remains pleasingly balanced for most snus users. This is truly a snus you can trust, delivering a fulfilling nicotine experience without any compromise on quality.

Perfectly Packaged Pleasure

Experience the comfort and convenience of the white portions. These are designed to produce minimal drip while delivering the complex flavor profile and nicotine at a gradual, controlled pace. This slower release promises a long-lasting and satisfying snus experience.

Knox Blue White : Voice of the People

Starting from its modest inception back in 2006, Knox has progressively ascended through the ranks, consequently earning its place as a reliable snus brand. Their unwavering commitment to offering both quality and affordability has indeed paved the way for their wide recognition and popularity amongst snus users.

Furthermore, the Knox Blue White Portion has garnered commendable praise for its enticing combination of traditional and rustic flavors. This unique blend doesn’t simply deliver a snus product; it provides an immersive snus experience that sets it apart.

Then, in February 2015, Skruf rolled out another achievement with the introduction of Knox Blue. Notably, this new addition has rapidly risen in popularity, primarily due to it being a cost-effective alternative to the cherished Göteborgs Rapé snus. This move elegantly demonstrates how Knox continues to make strides in the market by catering to diverse preferences and budgets among snus enthusiasts.

Seal the Deal

Curious about whether snus is legal in the UK? Rest assured, it absolutely is. As you move forward with your decision, the convenience of online shopping comes into play, paving an easy path for you to acquire this unique smokeless tobacco product. Just by a few clicks, you can effortlessly buy snus online.

Here’s a suggestion – why not start your journey at It is a virtual marketplace that has taken the initiative to bring the authentic world of Swedish snus right to your doorstep. Explore, indulge, and savor the wide variety of snus brands available.

Are you in for a recommendation? Give Knox Blue White Portion Snus a try. With its robust tobacco flavor accentuated by hints of juniper, it promises to deliver an unparalleled taste experience. Plus, it’s an excellent value-for-money option – high-quality snus at a price that’s truly unbeatable. So, wait no more. Step into the fascinating world of snus today, and discover the taste and thrill it has to offer!



Tobacco (nicotine), water, acidity regulator (E500), salt, humectant (E1520), aromas.

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