Siberia Ice Cold Blue White


Experience the fierce intensity of Siberia Ice Cold Blue White  Portion, designed to awaken your inner Siberian tiger! Siberia Blue – Ice Cold Power delivers a premium white snus featuring a refreshing peppermint flavor that is both satisfying and invigorating.

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24 mg/g Nicotine
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Siberia Ice Cold Blue White Details

Brand : Siberia
Nicotine content : 24mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Large (regular)
Flavor : Powerful Tobacco blend and Peppermint
Strength : Strong


Siberia Ice Cold Blue White Description

Indulge in the premium white portion snus experience of Siberia Ice Cold, also known as Siberia Blue. This product features an intense peppermint flavor combined with a significant nicotine content of 24mg/g per pouch. Although Siberia Blue has a lower nicotine strength compared to other Siberia snus varieties, it remains an extremely strong snus contender when compared to other high-nicotine snus offerings.

The Convenience of Siberia Ice Cold Blue Ready-Made Portions

Siberia Blue provides ready-made portions, which many users find advantageous over loose snus. Each pouch is carefully crafted from soft, white material for a longer-lasting flavor release and a consistently delightful experience throughout its use.

The Invigorating Power of Siberia Blue -80°C

Experience the captivating Ice Cold Power of Siberia Blue -80°C. This exceptional snus product delivers a fusion of exhilarating peppermint flavor and potent nicotine content, ensuring a genuinely satisfying snus experience for both newcomers and seasoned aficionados alike.

GN Tobacco – The Manufacturer Behind Siberia Snus

GN Tobacco, the producer of Siberia Blue Ice Cold and many other oral tobacco and nicotine pouches, is a renowned snus manufacturer with over a decade of experience. With an impressive portfolio of over 80 different versions and flavors, millions of users worldwide, competitive pricing, and two state-of-the-art factories, the Siberia brand is a popular choice among athletes and football players, particularly in Europe and the UK’s Ligue One, further cementing its reputation as a high-quality, trusted snus option.

The Siberia -80 Degrees White Portion Experience

GN Tobacco created the Siberia -80 Degrees White Portion in 20g as a less intense alternative to their other extremely strong products. This product offers a similar flavor profile to the White Dry Portion, but with less nicotine (24mg/g), the flavor is slightly more subdued. Enjoy a pleasant peppermint flavor that burns and stings slightly under your lip, along with a typical cooling sensation from a mint snus, and a gentle tobacco taste with a divine dark and rich character.

Quality Control and Soft Pouches

GN Tobacco performs quality controls at every stage of production, using state-of-the-art machinery to ensure their products meet high standards. Siberia products boast soft pouch bags, offering evenly released nicotine, long-lasting flavor, and less dripping, without irritating your gums.

Siberia Snus in Round Can Format

GN Tobacco initially launched Siberia -80 Degrees (White and White Dry) in square tubs containing 500 portions per tub. Due to popular demand, GN Tobacco released both Siberia products in a “round can” format. The white portion format contains 24mg/g of nicotine and is quite strong, not for the weak of heart.

The Design and Flavor of Siberia Ice Cold Blue

The design of the Siberia snus can has a unique Cold War-era Russian style. The portions may come a little compact, so it is advised to fluff them before use. The aroma is a sharp peppermint smell, accompanied by a nice little burn and a slight cooling presence upon placing the portion in your lip. The flavor is a straightforward and sharp peppermint, with a mild tobacco taste in the background that does not overpower the peppermint flavor. The nicotine kick is quite strong, similar to Thunder Ultra Strong in nicotine delivery.

The Siberia Chew Experience

The Siberia Chew offers a snus experience that is similar to the Siberia snus products. It is made with high-quality tobacco and delivers a strong nicotine hit. Users can enjoy the same invigorating peppermint flavor found in the Siberia Blue Ice Cold snus but in a chewable form, allowing for a versatile and satisfying tobacco experience.

Siberia Snus Availability in the UK and USA

Siberia snus products, including the popular Siberia Blue Ice Cold, are widely available in the UK and USA markets. Users in these regions can easily access these high-quality snus products, enjoying the intense peppermint flavor and potent nicotine content. The brand’s popularity continues to grow as more users discover the satisfying experience that Siberia snus offers.

User Recommendations and Precautions

While Siberia snus and chew products are enjoyed by many users worldwide, it is essential to remember that they contain a high nicotine content. These products are designed for experienced snus users and should be used with caution. Newcomers to snus should start with lower nicotine options before transitioning to Siberia snus products to avoid overwhelming nicotine effects.


Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Moisture preserving substance, Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E501)