StingFree Strong Blue Mint


Discover Stingfree Strong Blue Mint, the latest in nicotine pouch innovation. Enjoy a refreshing mint flavor with unique gum-protecting technology for a safer, more enjoyable experience. Made with sustainable biofilm and produced in Sweden, Stingfree offers a discreet, comfortable, and environmentally responsible choice for nicotine users.

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12 mg/g Nicotine
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Experience the Refreshing Innovation of Stingfree Strong Blue Mint

A New Era in Nicotine Enjoyment

Introducing Stingfree Strong Blue Mint, a trailblazing addition to the world of nicotine pouches. This inaugural flavor marks the debut of Stingfree’s advanced technology, offering a revitalizing mint taste with just the right touch of sweetness. What sets it apart is the patented blue gum protection feature, designed to safeguard against the common burning and irritation associated with traditional pouches. This innovative layer not only enhances gum safety but also prolongs the flavor and nicotine experience, making each pouch last longer than its conventional counterparts.


Revolutionary Stingfree Technology

At the heart of Stingfree Strong Blue Mint lies the groundbreaking blue coating on one side of the pouch. Positioned against the gums, this coating significantly reduces tingling and discomfort, allowing for a prolonged and more enjoyable nicotine and flavor release. These tobacco-free, slim-portion pouches are filled with a robust mint flavor, offering a satisfying experience without the harmful effects of tobacco.


Sustainable and Responsible Manufacturing

The blue biofilm barrier in Stingfree pouches is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Made from renewable plant materials, it represents our dedication to environmental responsibility. All aspects of production, from the all-white nicotine pouches to the ISCC-certified cans, occur in Sweden, ensuring the highest standards of quality and ecological integrity.


Stingfree Strong Blue Mint: Born from Personal Need, Perfected for Global Use

Sting Free AB, founded by long-time snus user Bengt Wiberg, emerged from a personal challenge. Urged by his dentist to quit snus due to gum damage, Bengt embarked on an innovative journey. Experimenting with various patches on the pouches, he discovered that he could eliminate discomfort while retaining the desired taste and nicotine strength. This breakthrough led to the creation of the first Stingfree pouches. Returning to his dentist months later, Bengt was pleased to find his gums had significantly healed.


A Family Legacy in Nicotine Innovation

In 2023, Bengt and his son Daniel, the CEO of Sting Free AB, proudly introduced Stingfree Strong Blue Mint to the market. This launch represents a culmination of dedication, innovation, and a deep understanding of nicotine users’ needs.


Stingfree Strong Blue Mint: Beyond Traditional Snus

Modern all-white snus options primarily use plant fibers, such as cellulose, and usually exclude tobacco. This process results in their signature chalky white appearance. Containing pure nicotine extracted from tobacco, these pouches stand out. However, Stingfree elevates the experience. It incorporates unique protective technology for enhanced user comfort. Moreover, Stingfree offers more robust flavor profiles. A prime example is the intense mint flavor in Stingfree Strong Blue Mint.


Discreet and Comfortable Use

The slim format of Stingfree pouches is designed for discreet use, allowing users to enjoy their nicotine without drawing attention. For those used to larger or multiple pouches, this matters a lot. Stingfree delivers the same nicotine satisfaction as regular snus. But it also provides a safer and more enjoyable experience.


The Choice for the Modern Consumer

Stingfree Strong Blue Mint is more than just a nicotine pouch; it’s a step into the future of nicotine enjoyment. Its protective technology, sustainable manufacturing, and refreshing flavor make it the perfect choice. It suits those seeking a better, more comfortable nicotine experience.