What is Snus?

The market for oral tobacco is rapidly growing and it’s important to understand what is snus, its origins and why it’s gaining popularity.

Snus originated in 16th century Sweden.  It is a smokeless tobacco product and had only been available before then to European aristocrats.  Kings, queens and people of higher society were already enjoying the Swedish snuff when no one had even heard of it!

The rise in popularity of snus and its accessibility to the working class came later on, in the 19th century.  It also became accessible to the market at large at that point in time.  Original Swedish snus is as a loose grind of tobacco leaves dried and cured through a fermentation process. The next step in the snus production process requires adding flavor to the fermented tobacco leaves. Original smokeless tobacco flavorings such as salt, pepper, bergamot and floral elements are still part of the manufacturing process today.  Modern snus has, however, undergone many changes.  Some of these changes include the introduction of new flavors and the development of the modern snus portion.

Today’s Snus

Lots has changed since the first days of moist snuff in the ports of Sweden.  Different portion formats and innovative materials are still making their way into the snus market today.  However, before the emergence of modern manufacturing processes, moist snuff was only available in a single format: loose.  “Lös”, in Swedish, means loose and that word can be found on many a snus can.

In any case, the original users of oral tobacco would form the loose by hand (handbake) into a “prilla”. A “prilla” is a snus portion in Swedish and was the only way to consume oral tobacco before industrial processes came into existence.

In the 1970s ready-made portions made their way onto the oral tobacco market expanding the scope of users. Oral tobacco in portion is packed into material-like bags which can simply be placed under the upper lip, exactly like loose snus.  Portion snus quickly became the cleaner, more aesthetic manner and more popular way of using snus. Loose snus, however, is still available these days for people who want to control the amount of tobacco they use in a single dose and who prefer using snus in its original, traditional loose format.

Today’s smokeless tobacco is massively manufactured. Hundreds of snus products are readily available in a variety of formats, flavors and strengths.

As a result, Swedish manufacturers, such as Swedish Match, have implemented environmentally safe processes without compromising their high standards of quality.

Uncompromising Quality

Manufacturing processes have undoubtedly changed the way we consume snus. However, the essence of the product has remained the same: a high-quality smokeless form of tobacco blended from the finest tobacco leaves spread across the four corners of the world. The result is a tobacco product of uncompromising quality that provides an experience of wonderful aromas and rich tastes.

Health Concerns

In today’s world, health risks, such as respiratory diseases associated with cigarettes, have transformed snus into a smokeless alternative to smoking.  Those who want to quit smoking can still enjoy the taste of tobacco with snus.  They can also get their nicotine fix without the harmful effects of smoking on their health. A research from Harm Reduction Journal discovered that snus presents a much lower risk in regards to causing respiratory diseases compared to other tobacco-based products such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes, among other means of smoking. Sweden, one of the first countries to make the switch from smoking to the Swedish snuff, is considered as the European country with the least tobacco-related mortality rate.  It can surely serve as an example to the rest of the world.

A Star is Born

Snus is a rising star in the tobacco industry. Its popularity is surging worldwide like never before.

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