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If you’re into the football industry, chances are that you’ve already heard something about snus. The truth is that more and more football players tend to use this product these days. Snus is oral tobacco that is put beneath the lip to activate the neurological system.

A few years ago, there was controversy about the effects of this oral tobacco. But guess what? Nowadays, it would be challenging to locate a football team without at least one player who carries a tiny round plastic snus pot with them at all times. It seems like footballers have finally found a safer alternative to smoking nicotine!

Wondering why snus is so popular? What makes it a highly demanded product? Or maybe you even want to give it a try and see how it can affect your physical performance. Especially if you practice sport at a high level.

In this small guide, the Snusline team will answer all your questions about this healthy smoking alternative for football players, even if we talk about it shortly in our Home Page.

We hope to provide answers to the following questions :

  • what does snus do for footballers?
  • what is snus used for in football?
  • what is the best snus for footballers?
  • does snus help football?

What is “snus” and how does it work?

In simple terms, snus is a tobacco-based oral product with Swedish roots. Snus contains a nicotine and is positioned in the mouth, typically under the top lip, where it is kept for a long time. Considering this, it’s not surprising that it has the same effect as a cigarette. However, it’s much safer than smoking and helps you give up this terrible habit.

Based on common sense, athletes are not permitted to use it since it will harm their performance and health. That’s why they’re always looking for healthier alternatives to cigarettes. But it turns out that it’s not entirely true after all.

Modern medicine has discovered an alternative method to consuming nicotine, besides smoking or vaping. This alternative is snus, which users insert beneath the lip where it rests along the gum line.

Unfortunately, this product hasn’t yet gotten the recognition it deserves. As a result, selling snus is still prohibited in the majority of the EU. However, over the past several years, snus has seen a sharp increase in popularity in the UK, particularly among footballers. Most concerningly, it frequently occurs among young players of the football game.

Therefore, people outside of Scandinavia easily purchase their goods from internet stores like Snusline and take advantage of their positive effects on physical performance and overall health.

Why do footballers use snus?

More and more footballers are consuming snus which makes us wonder why do footballers use snus?

In reality, many elite athletes have been using snus pouches for several years as a way to unwind. These pouches deliver nicotine stimulation without the need to breathe in smoke or other hazardous toxins. Sounds impressive, right?

Well, it’s a well-known fact that smoking harms athletic performance. Athletes require oxygen-rich blood to be efficiently delivered to their heart, lungs, and muscles. This requirement makes smoking detrimental to their performance.

Tobacco possesses highly addictive qualities. These qualities make it hard for many people, including elite athletes, to quit.

Despite being fully aware of its harmful effects, many athletes continue to smoke. They do so even though it negatively impacts their health.

Furthermore, smoking also hinders their ability to perform at their optimum level.

That’s why, many football players have already decided to switch to snus and replace regular cigarettes by smokeless products like nicotine gum or snus, which have multiple advantages. This means that they can still get pleasure without adverse effects on performance levels.

We understand better why do footballers do snus.

Effects of snus on physical performance

The scientific literature on snus isn’t very extensive at the moment. However, we do know that it can have several positive impacts on athletes’ physical performance. There was a study conducted in 2014 that specifically investigated the effects of snus. This study aimed to understand how snus influences amateur football players. The players chosen for the study were non-smokers. They also didn’t use snus prior to the study. These participants had varying heart rates before undergoing a physical test.

Results pointed out that snus can have a significant positive impact on the overall physical performance of athletes. Let’s dive deeper into these benefits.

Snus and Football : Increased alertness

Snus has been shown to have calming effects on physical and mental activity. Besides, it tends to improve focus and possibly even improve athletic performance. Moreover, using snus increased alertness and concentration among young sportsmen.

Snus and Football : Improved coordination

Aerobic, anaerobic, and strength traits are crucial for a player to succeed, given the high-intensity, intermittent nature of football. Making sure you’re on top of all three will therefore help you perform better on the field. Surprisingly, snus can also help you improve coordination skills. which, in turn, can result in better athletic performance.

Snus and Football : Enhanced cognitive performance

Consuming snus has been demonstrated to enhance cognitive performance, which is especially beneficial for footballers who need fast thinking and decision-making skills. Needless to say, football and other dynamic sports games require attention to detail and the ability to make crucial decisions as quickly as possible.

This means you can hardly succeed without well-developed decision-making skills, which are essential given how much faster the game is moving. The findings indicated that, as compared to placebo, snus had much better performance in improving the skills of sportsmen.

Who are the players who take advantage of snus?

Now let’s take a look at famous football players who regularly use snus and stand out with their performances.

Two Premier League players are known to use snus. Some of them include – Newcastle defender Jamaal Lascelles and Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Another famous case is Victor Lindelof, a defender for Manchester United, who shared a photo of the substance on his Instagram page in 2016.

England striker Jamie Vardy said: “When I signed with Leicester, one of the guys introduced me to snus, and I discovered that it helped me relax.” Who will know better than those who have experienced it themselves?

Will snus cause addiction?

Everything depends on the amount, but because nicotine is so strongly addictive, some gamers take it to an unhealthy level. Every chemical can be hazardous if it overdoses. Snus contains nicotine and can be addictive if used uncontrollably.

However, it’s still the best alternative for sportsmen since it is safer than cigarettes and will help you quit smoking if you use it normally. And if you use this product with caution, chances are that your playing skills and ability to concentrate will improve over time.

Types of snus that footballers prefer

Generally, snus comes in a variety of forms and doses. The most well-known and practical form of snus is oral, as in chew bags and pouches. Traditional Swedish snus, available since the 16th century, comes as a loose powder. Users must manually shape this powder into a “prilla” before applying it under the lip. Therefore, athletes who want to have a real Swedish snus experience tend to take any of the mouthwatering traditional loose snus products available in our shop. Most of the football players use the famous Siberia Red because of  the hugh level of nicotine.

We have also some of them that use General Snus or Göteborgs Rapé  High quality Brand from Swedish Match.

Modern Swedish snus also comes in portion pouches that are ready to use and can easily pop under your top lip. Depending on the product and the brand, portions can be original, white, or white dry and available in regular, slim, and tiny sizes.

Snus and Football : Consume snus and stay on top!

It seems like you’re already aware of the numerous advantages taking snus can bring to your physical health. So, you might be looking for a trustworthy company to get your snus and stay on top.

If that’s the case, you should know that Snusline is always up to date with any changes or new laws and regulations worldwide regarding tobacco products as well as nicotine pouches. Whether you are new to snus or an experienced user, you will find the perfect fit among Snusline’s wide range of snus products.

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