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In your quest for an ultra-satisfying, fresh, and clean nicotine experience, Shiro, a brand renowned for its excellent lineup of flavoursome products, is truly worth your attention. Featuring an array of enticing flavours like the invigorating Tingling Mint and the tangy Sour Red Berry, and available in strengths ranging from 3.6 to 15.5 mg/g, you are sure to find the perfect Shiro nicotine pouch to match your preferences. Designed for your convenience, Shiro’s slim or mini, ultra-soft, tobacco-free formats allow you to savour your nicotine pleasure wherever and whenever you desire, all with the comfort of knowing there’s no risk of teeth staining or bad breath.

Optimised with a high moisture content and ideal salt and pH levels, Shiro ensures rapid nicotine delivery so that you never have to wait for that much-needed buzz.

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