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In your quest for an ultra-satisfying, fresh, and clean nicotine experience, Shiro, a brand renowned for its excellent lineup of flavoursome products, is truly worth your attention. Featuring an array of enticing flavours like the invigorating Tingling Mint and the tangy Sour Red Berry, and available in strengths ranging from 3.6 to 15.5 mg/g, you are sure to find the perfect Shiro nicotine pouch to match your preferences. Designed for your convenience, Shiro’s slim or mini, ultra-soft, tobacco-free formats allow you to savour your nicotine pleasure wherever and whenever you desire, all with the comfort of knowing there’s no risk of teeth staining or bad breath.

Optimised with a high moisture content and ideal salt and pH levels, Shiro ensures rapid nicotine delivery so that you never have to wait for that much-needed buzz.

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Shiro’s High-Quality Pouches: A Legacy of Philip Morris AB

Manufactured by Philip Morris AB, one of Sweden’s leading nicotine product producers, Shiro snus upholds an exceptionally high standard of quality. With an investment of eight billion dollars into smoke-free science and research, Philip Morris AB, established in 1969, leverages its decades of expertise to ensure an uncompromised user experience. Although known for its tobacco-containing products, the company’s commitment to a smoke-free future is reflected in the addition of the Shiro brand to its portfolio.

Discover the Sensational Shiro Nicotine Pouch Flavours

With Shiro, you’ll uncover a world of fresh, clean, and delightfully balanced flavours. Whether you fancy the traditional Fresh Mint and Cooling Mint, or yearn for something unique and adventurous, Shiro has you covered. Two standout flavours include:

  • Shiro Red Berry: A tantalising journey through a cascade of fruity flavours, with a potent mix of sweet and super sour red berries, leaves you with a lasting freshness. Ideal for lovers of the On! Flavours berry 6 and 3.
  • Shiro Tingling Mint: True to its name, this flavour delivers a delightful tingle under the lip from the extra-cool mint, enriched by the crisp, natural wintergreen notes.

Find Your Perfect Strength with Shiro Nicotine Pouches

Shiro offers a broad selection of nicotine strengths, from the mild end of the regular level (3.6 mg/g) to extra-strong (15.5 mg/g). Whether you are new to nicotine pouches or seek an intense experience akin to the highest VELO strengths, Shiro has the perfect fit for you.

Shiro’s Slim and Tobacco-Free Pouches: The Ultimate in Discreet Use

Shiro nicotine pouches, slim and lightweight, are designed for discreet and convenient use. The silky, pillow-like pouches, made from high-quality plant fibres and free from tobacco contents, not only fit comfortably under the lip but also eliminate staining or bad breath, letting you enjoy your nicotine buzz confidently, anytime, anywhere.

EU Users’ Choice: Buy Shiro Nicotine Pouches Online

The benefits of buying Shiro nicotine pouches online are manifold for consumers in the EU. Not only does it offer the advantage of lower prices and access to reward schemes, but also the freshest pouches. Since Shiro pouches have a high moisture content, they must be fresh to provide the most satisfying nicotine and flavour experience.

Embrace the Shiro All-White, Fresh Mint Experience

In Japanese, Shiro translates to “white”, a fitting name for these all-white

nicotine pouches. Shiro’s slim and discreet nicopods come in two distinctive mint strengths and shades, allowing you to select between the mild Sweet Mint and the stronger Cool Mint.

Constructed from plant fibres and nicotine extracts, Shiro’s nicotine pouches offer a soft and dry feeling under the lip. If you’re a newcomer to the pouch market, Shiro is an ideal starting point with its clear-cut flavours of mint and menthol.

Shiro Nicotine Pouches: Redefining the Nicotine Experience

Dare to be different and let a slim Shiro nicotine pouch redefine your nicotine experience. Living up to its Japanese meaning of “white”, Shiro offers a straightforward, tobacco-free, all-white nicotine product that unerringly delivers what you crave. With a spectrum of flavours, strengths, and sizes, Shiro invites you into a superior, personalised experience.

Flavours and Strengths for Every Preference

Finding a flavour you love and a strength that hits the right spot is effortless with Shiro. From the Fresh Mint Slim that tickles your taste buds with refreshingly sweet spearmint tones, to the Cooling Mint Strong Slim that entices menthol-lovers with a classic mint and a powerful nicotine kick, there’s a Shiro pouch for every palate.

Each strength is indicated on the can with a dot system, with one dot representing the lowest nicotine strength at 6 mg/g, and four dots the highest nicotine level at 15.5 mg/g. Further enhancing the user experience, Shiro is also available in Slim or Mini formats, with the Mini pouches offering a subtle nicotine buzz for up to 20 minutes and the Slim pouches extending the pleasure to 30 minutes. The slender, airy pouch designs ensure ultra-comfortable, mess-free enjoyment.

Advantages of All-White Shiro Snus

Shiro All White snus, in replacing tobacco with high-quality plant fibres, offers several key benefits:

  • The clean, dry nature of all-white snus means no staining, maintaining your fresh, white smile.
  • Shiro All White pouches have assisted many individuals in quitting long-held tobacco habits.
  • All-white snus offers a safer alternative to smoking, supporting many on their journey to quit cigarettes.

About Shiro’s Manufacturer

Shiro is a proud product of the Danish family-run business, AG Snus. With over 150 years of experience, AG Snus is a pioneer in innovation, creativity, and high-quality smoke-free products. Now, in partnership with Philip Morris International, AG Snus accesses the latest technology and resources to position Shiro as one of the best products on the market for both long-time snus lovers and newcomers. Professionally produced in Assens, Denmark, Shiro is enjoyed worldwide as one of the most popular all-white snus products.

Shiro Strong: For Those Who Desire a More Intense Experience

For those who crave a more robust nicotine experience, Shiro Strong offers an elevated nicotine content for a more powerful buzz. Despite its strength, Shiro Strong maintains the same comfort and discretion as the other products in the Shiro line-up. It’s a perfect choice for those who are already familiar with nicotine pouches and are looking for an enhanced experience.

Buying Shiro in the UK

For UK residents, buying Shiro snus has never been easier. Several reputable online platforms offer the entire Shiro line-up, ensuring you get access to your preferred flavour and strength at competitive prices. Purchasing online guarantees a fresh product delivered right to your doorstep, offering you the ultimate convenience.

So, if you’re based in the UK and are looking to try out Shiro snus, browse through the online catalogue, make your pick, and get ready for an unparalleled nicotine experience.