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Tre Ankare

Tre Ankare is manufactured by none other than Swedish Match as a high quality, regular strength white portion.  Tre Ankare, “three anchors” in Swedish, is a throwback to the ports of Sweden, where sailors would create their snus from Tobacco leaves collected during their journeys at sea.   The name Tre Ankare therefore carries with it the Swedish tradition of artisan snus.  It thereby holds true to its Swedish origins and boasts a bold tobacco flavor with a touch of pine and dried herbs.  The flavor profile of Tre Ankare is further enhanced by a rustic smokiness you can taste as soon as you place the portion in your mouth.  Enjoy a long lasting flavorful experience with consistent nicotine release thanks to the white portion pouch and moisturized tobacco.  Tre Ankare is a large portion with 0.8% nicotine content/7 mg of nicotine per portion pouch. Each white portion holds 53.4% moisture and allows for a quick release of flavors and nicotine despite its dry white surface.  As a white portion with moisturized tobacco, Tre Ankare procures the user with the sustained flavor release expected from a white portion and the low runniness of a white dry snus, without the wait. 

Tre Ankare will satisfy those who can appreciate its smoky, full-bodied tobacco flavor and are looking to satisfy their craving for nicotine without the need for extreme kicks

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  • Tre Ankare Snus

    Tre Ankare White Portion

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Tre Ankare – Swedish Match manufactures this traditional Swedish snus. regular strength white portion characterized by a touch of smokiness.This tobacco centric snus boasts a bold tobacco flavor with a touch of pine and dried herbs.