CBD Candy

Snusline offers you Happy Garden CBD candies in a variety of fruity flavors.  Get 60 chewy and juicy CBD gummies per bottle and enjoy them throughout your day.

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Happy Garden gummies are best taken in the morning on an empty stomach and can be taken several times a day for a general feeling of calm and for the relief of a variety of aches and pains like migraine, joint pain and other ailments.  CBD candies can also be safely given to children with ADHD to help manage their symptoms.

CBD candies are flavorful and fun to eat and take time to get absorbed into your bloodstream since they need to be digested first as opposed to CBD oil that gets absorbed right away.  Each Happy Garden CBD gummy has 15 mg of CBD, is gelatin-free and is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients.   Enjoy a longer lasting, healthy and delicious CBD experience with Happy Garden CBD Gummies now available at Snusline your Online Shop.