DOPE Ice Mango Strong Edition –  This strong nicotine pouch made by CBI will procure you intense nicotine kicks all while tickling your taste buds with delicious icy mint fresh and exotic, sweet and juicy mango flavors for a perfect tobacco-free experience.



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22 Pouches
16 mg/g Nicotine
0.7 g Weight/Pouch
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DOPE Ice Mango Strong Edition is another delicious DOPE nicotine pouch with a fruity, sweet and exotic mango flavor coupled with an icy cool menthol freshness that will keep your breath fresh smelling and tasting during your whole DOPE experience. 

DOPE is relatively a newcomer to the nicotine pouch market and is just one of the delicious flavors in the DOPE line.  DOPE, made by CBI, a company with a vision “ that these products will one day replace traditional tobacco products” .  CBI “act(s) with a growth mindset, take(s) an expansive approach to what’s possible, and believe(s) in continuous development”. 

This mindset is what drives their commitment to quality and “ delivering the best possible products and service” to their customers.  DOPE offers one of the best strong range nicotine pouches on the market today.  You’ll wanna grab DOPE just by looking at their really cool looking cans. And if the attractive can doesn’t get you, the flavor sure will. 

Just squeeze the pouch lightly and the juices will start flowing.  DOPE nicotine pouches are perfectly moisturized so you can start enjoying their invigorating flavor almost as soon as you place them in your mouth.  DOPE pouches are slim and are indiscernible and discreet for the perfect fit every time.  Enjoy the benefits of tobacco-free all-white ingredients and keep your teeth looking white and your smile bright.