G.3 Slim Strong Portion


Experience the G.3 Slim Strong Portion Snus by Swedish Match. This meticulously crafted snus offers a robust tobacco flavour, enriched with spicy undertones. Enjoy its potent nicotine hit in a slim, discreet portion for a lasting snus journey. Order online today.

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G.3 Slim Strong  Details

Brand : G3
Nicotine content : 15 mg/g
Type : Original Portion
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Extra Strong


G.3 Slim Strong Description

Unveiling the Brand

Emerging from the prestigious tobacco traditions of Swedish Match, a legacy brand celebrated for its perfect blend of heritage and innovation, the G.3 Slim Strong Portion snus is the latest creation from the renowned makers of General snus. This new addition, the G.3 line, not only upholds their reputation but also breathes fresh air into their offerings. Specifically developed with the discerning snus connoisseur in mind, the G.3 line indicates a bold shift in the smokeless tobacco realm, paving the way for new experiences and standards..

A Journey of Taste and Flavor

Embodied in the classic essence of Swedish snus, the G.3 Slim Strong takes its users on a symphony of flavors. Beginning with a robust tobacco core, it is delicately spiced to provide a subtle kick. Moreover, the experience is further augmented by refreshing notes of bergamot that tantalize the taste buds.

In addition, the flavor journey doesn’t end there. Subtle hints of tea, hay, and leather harmoniously blend into the mix, delicately enhancing the palate, thereby offering a rich, multi-layered taste experience.

Notably, bergamot’s citrusy undertones boldly claim center stage in this flavor profile, providing a refreshing contrast to the earthy undertones of the tobacco base. Finally, the flavor experience concludes with an unexpected twist – a spicy kick of black pepper that perfectly intertwines with the other ingredients, rounding off the intriguing taste journey of the G.3 Slim Strong snus.

G.3 Slim Strong : Not for the Faint-hearted

G.3 Slim Strong is not just about captivating flavors. It’s also a high-nicotine snus, packing a potent punch. For enthusiasts seeking an immediate flavor release paired with a robust nicotine kick, the G.3 Slim Strong snus is the way to go.

Innovating the Portion Format

The G.3 series steps up with a distinctive feature – its super slim portion format. This original design ensures an intense snus experience, with its long, narrow pouches perfectly moistened for a fast flavor release. Despite its slim shape, the pouch is full-sized and filled with delicious snus, offering an optimized fit for enhanced comfort and discreet use.

A Peek into History

The G.3 Snus Brand is the third generation in General’s snus line, tracing its roots back to the original loose snus from 1866 by Johan A Boman. The second generation came with the introduction of portion snus in the 1970s, leading to the innovative G.3 series, which features extra strong slim white portions and slim portions. The G.3 line replaces General Long Extra Strong White and General Long Extra Strong Portion, focusing on a soft fit, minimal drip, and long-lasting snus experience.

Buy Snus Online

Buying snus has never been easier. At Snusline.com, you can explore and purchase all of Swedish Match’s offerings, along with other smokeless tobacco products. Is snus legal in the UK? Yes, it is, and you can easily order your preferred G.3 snus online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what snus users have to say about G.3 Slim Strong:

“Highly recommend. Great tobacco taste with a slight citrus zest flavor. Good nic hit as well. I don’t normally go for the white snus, but this is one I will continue to order.”

Choose the G.3 Slim Strong snus if you value a blend of tradition, flavor, and innovation in your smokeless tobacco. It’s an experience you won’t forget.


Tobacco (nicotine), water, acidity regulator (E500), salt, humectant (E1520), aroma including smoke aroma, plant fibers.