Kurwa Light Melon

Kurwa Light Melon will give you just enough nicotine to not feel the effects of quitting and with a delicious mouthwatering cantaloupe flavor.

8 mg/g
0.8 g
4.95 4.95 € per can (you save 0 €)


Kurwa Light Melon will make you feel the sting as you place the slim portion under your lip and anticipate the juicy melon flavor of this all white nicotine pouch.  No worries , once it comes through you’ll get it was worth waiting for!  Kurwa Light is intended to give you a nice an mild nicotine kick, just enough to not make you feel the effects of quitting smoking cold turkey.  The nic-effect is not jolting in any way but you’ll definitely get what you need with these light nicotine pouches not to mention the awesomeness of the flavor.  Feel the rejuvenating summer freshness of musky melon and the juicy freshness of cantaloupe like a wave of sweet aromatic waters.  Get your Kurwa light today! Available in 9 mouthwatering flavors: Melon, Black Tea, Blueberry, Bubble gum, Eucalyptus-mint, Forest Fruit Ice Cream, Mango, Purple Grape and Strawberry.