Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong


Discover the extraordinary taste of Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong, a unique fusion of fiery chili fruit habanero and refreshing mint. With InstantRush technology, enjoy a robust and prolonged flavor experience that redefines loop snus. Explore this gourmet sensation that tantalizes the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

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20 mg/g Nicotine
0.7 g Weight/Pouch
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Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong Details

Brand : Loop
Nicotine content : 20 mg/g
Type : Nicotine pouches Tobacco Free
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Mint and pepper
Strength : Extra Strong


Unleashing Intensity – The LOOP Top Brands

Introducing LOOP Nicotine Pouches, a brand synonymous with intensity and innovation. With over 50 years of experience, Another Snus Factory crafts these nicotine pouches with the adventurous consumer in mind. Whether it’s the Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong or other varieties, LOOP products never fail to deliver a thrilling experience.

A Flaming Fusion – Taste and Flavor

Dive into the world of Loop Habanero Mint, where the spicy habanero meets the refreshing mint flavor in a flaming fusion that’s truly groundbreaking. From the first taste of habanero, you’re greeted with a fiery symphony that’s more than just heat – it’s an intricate melody of spicy habanero richness that envelops your senses. But the journey doesn’t end there.

As the warmth intensifies, a wave of cool mint sweeps in, offering a fresh, vibrant contrast. This mint isn’t just cooling; it’s a burst of freshness that balances the heat, creating a taste experience where spice and refreshment dance in harmony. The result? An intense yet balanced encounter that’s both invigorating and complex.

What elevates Loop Habanero Mint is the cutting-edge Instant Rush technology. This innovation ensures that the bold flavors hit you fast and stay with you, allowing the spicy and cool notes to unfold over time. Crafted from plant-based materials, these slim and moist pouches deliver a sustained, consistent flavor journey.

Loop Habanero Mint transcends the ordinary. It’s not just a nicotine pouch; it’s a taste adventure that marries the fiery with the fresh, powered by technology that keeps the experience alive. Get ready for an unforgettable flavor escapade that lingers, making Loop Habanero Mint a standout in your taste exploration.

Loop Habanero Mint: Power Unleashed

These Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong pouches are not for the faint of heart. With a robust 20 mg/g of nicotine, the experienced nicotine user will find satisfaction in this intense hit. The InstantRush technology ensures that the nicotine release is both fast and lasting, setting new standards in nicotine pouches UK.

A Whisper of Power – Portion Format

Designed in a slim and discreet format, Loop Habanero Mint pouches fit perfectly under the lip. They are moist without any drip, providing a comfortable and powerful experience without staining your snus teeth. And with the unique PlantCan, the world’s first 100% plant-based snus can, they further affirm LOOP’s commitment to the environment.

The Test of Time – How Long Do Nicotine Pouches Last

One question often asked is, “How long do nicotine pouches last?” With LOOP’s InstantRush technology, not only do you receive a quick release of taste and nicotine, but also a lasting experience that endures. It’s a product crafted for those seeking both immediate satisfaction and prolonged enjoyment.

Voices of Experience – Customer Reviews

Customers have hailed Loop Habanero Mint as a breakthrough in the nicotine pouches to stop smoking market. The intense yet balanced flavor, coupled with the strong nicotine content, has made it a favorite for many. The feedback resonates with satisfaction and commendation for both the taste and the eco-friendly PlantCan.

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Water, Table Salt, Moisture preserving substance, Nicotine, anti-caking agent (E551), Fiber, Acidity Regulator(E500), Sweeteners(E950, E955, E968), Humectant (E401), Preservative(E202), Flavors, Salmiac