Pablo Exclusive PassionFruit


Experience the tropical thrill with Pablo Exclusive PassionFruit nicotine pouches. Explore the unparalleled strength of 50mg Pablo snus, indulge in the exotic fruity flavor, and enjoy the freshness of our white, tobacco-free pouches. Dive into the world of Pablo for an unforgettable nicotine journey.

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Pablo Exclusive PassionFruit 50mg Details

Brand : Pablo
Nicotine content : 50 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Passion Fruit
Strength : Extremely Strong


Pablo Exclusive PassionFruit 50mg Description

Discover a tsunami of taste that’s ready to assault your senses, with Pablo Exclusive passionfruit nicotine pouches. This tropical wave, concealed within a pristine white pouch, is bound to deliver an unforgettable experience for the discerning snus enthusiast.

Taste the Tropics with Pablo

Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit presents a unique journey for pouch users who harbor a fondness for the exotic and fruity. Each pouch, steeped in the essence of fresh passion fruit, assures a gratifying flavor that breaks away from the traditional snus offerings. Pablo snus is an explosion of tropical delight, setting your taste buds on a blissful tour to the equator and back.

Experience the Strength: Pablo Nicotine Pouches

Pablo nicotine pouches, also known as Pablo nicopods, are the champions of strength, a force to reckon with in the realm of pouches. Produced by NGP Empire, these pouches have gained global fame for their high nicotine concentration, a staggering 30mg/g. This dangerously strong nicotine level makes Pablo a powerful big brother to its sibling brand, Killa.

Potent and Powerful: Pablo Snus 50mg

While Killa’s nicotine pouches deliver a punch at 16 mg/g, Pablo snus offers almost double the strength. With a whopping nicotine content of 50mg, Pablo 50mg turns up the intensity, leaving even experienced users reaching for a breath. Pablo Exclusive snus is an adrenaline rush in a pouch, offering a powerful kick unmatched by its rivals.

Pure and Pristine: The White Pablo Nicotine Pouches

Pablo nicotine pouches are a revolution in design, introducing pouches that are white as snow and as potent as a storm. The purity comes from a tobacco-free formulation that retains nicotine extracted from tobacco but without the brown, tobacco leaves. Users find these white portions fresher than their brown counterparts, plus they don’t leave any discoloration on your teeth.

Pablo Exclusive PassionFruit: A Long-lasting Experience

Constructed from high-quality cellulose, the actual pouch is meticulously designed to deliver an optimal user experience. As a result of this careful design, the pouches spring into action rapidly, enabling the taste and nicotine release to kick in without any delay. Consequently, Pablo nicotine pouches offer a steady flow of flavors, ultimately assuring users of a comfortable and enduring snus experience.

Dangerously Strong: Pablo Exclusive Snus

Bearing a label marked ‘Danger Strong’, Pablo snus indeed justifies its formidable reputation. Inherently akin to dynamite, these nicotine pouches provide a potent burst of nicotine and flavor. Consequently, they offer a thrill ride specifically designed for those who prefer stronger experiences. However, it’s strongly recommended that only those with prior experience embark on this intense rollercoaster, mainly because it might be overly intense for beginners or individuals sensitive to nicotine.

Customer Voices: Pablo’s Rave Reviews

Stay tuned for this section where we bring to you, firsthand experiences and reviews of our Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit, straight from our users’ hearts. Hear about the unparalleled rush of Pablo’s intense strength, the tropical pleasure of passion fruit flavor, and the lasting comfort of the white pouches. Join our community and experience the power of Pablo for yourself.



Nicotine, Water, humectant (E1520), Salt, Acidity regulator (E501), aromas