Skruf Nyans Jordskott Snus

Skruf Nyans Jordskott White Portion Snus has a flavor of berries and a slight flavor of tobacco.

8 mg/g
5.99 5.99 € per can (you save 0 €)
Enjoy our brand at an amazing price! For 10 cans and up for any model of this brand.


Skruf Nyans Jordskott Snus is another premium line by Skruf. Skruf Nyans Jordskott can has a yellow marble design on a black background and looks very sophisticated indeed. Nyans is especially well priced for a premium line. Jordskott has a hint of fruity berries and a light tobacco flavor. Nyans flavors are reminiscent of nature and, in that aspect, can be compared to Swedish Match’s Lundgren’s line. Skruf’s Nyans line is a regular strength white portion snus. The nicotine strength sits at the 8mg/g level and the white pouch releases its fresh flavor and nicotine at a slow and effective pace. If you enjoy nature tasting snus, give Nyans a try!