Velo Spicy Pineapple Strong Slim Portion


Velo Spicy Pineapple Strong Slim Portion.  New Velo Taste to add to your favorite. With 14 mg/g of Nicotine this All white is in Strong Category to get the hit you look for.

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Velo Spicy Pineapple Strong Slim Details

Brand : Velo
Nicotine content : 14 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim All White
Flavor : Pineapple
Strength : Strong


Velo Spicy Pineapple Strong Slim description

If you’re a fan of the tropical sweetness of pineapple but are looking for a little more heat, the VELO Spicy Pineapple Strong flavor might just be what you need to satisfy your cravings. It features the signature pineapple taste complemented by the zing of fresh chili, providing a mouth-warming and flavorful experience. This nicotine pouch is an excellent option for experienced users, with 10mg of nicotine per pouch delivering a strong kick that’s sure to satisfy.

VELO’s Spicy Pineapple Strong comes in the popular slim format, ensuring discretion and ease of use. The slim-sized pouch, which weighs 0.7g, sits snugly under your lip, offering the utmost comfort. Additionally, the contents of each pouch are entirely tobacco-free, meaning there’s no need to worry about stained teeth or bad breath.

Manufactured by British American Tobacco, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nicotine pouches, VELO places sustainability at the heart of its operations. Established in 1902, the multinational company is committed to reducing the impact of its business on public health and the environment. By choosing VELO, you’re not only buying a high-quality product, but also supporting a brand that strives to be carbon-neutral and environmentally conscious.



Water, Salt, filler (E460), Flavors enhancer, aromas, nicotine, xylitol, thickener (E401), Salmiak, acidity regulator (E500), sweetener (E950)