Concentration is our mind’s ability to get us to focus and exert mental effort.  It’s what allows us to think clearly and accomplish the tasks we need throughout our day in every aspect of our lives.  

As students and in the workplace, concentration can make the difference between performing poorly or effectively, and producing the results we need to be successful.

Today’s faced-paced world has increased the requirements to think effectively and efficiently.  High-stress jobs put a lot of pressure and deadline requirements on people across different industries. Poor concentration can affect performance at school and at work and can be explained by a lack of sleep, stress, ADHD and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.  All these can disrupt a person’s ability to focus and can cause a person to feel confused and forgetful which can seriously disrupt daily activities.

CBD can help in achieving the alertness needed to focus and concentrate. A National Institutes of Health study from 2018 showed that CBD may promote the growth of new neurons in the brain and aid in the treatment of these mental health issues thus calming the mind and having a stabilising effect on mood.

The best products to help you focus are CBD oils.

If you are new to this product, we advise you to start with CBD Oil 1000mg with 2 doses of 4 drops (during meals) in the morning and evening.

Observe the changes in your body and their effects on your concentration.

If you do not feel any change you can increase the dose to 6 drops per dose.

If you still don’t feel any effect choose a product like CBD oil 2000mg stronger.

Do not worry, there is no risk of overdose.

For more on CBD and sleep or CBD and Depression, see our blog.

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