The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar – Snus and Nicotine Pouches 

If you’re planning a trip to Qatar for the FIFA games and you are a snus consumers, you should read this article and be prepared for a few surprises.

Qatar is located in the middle east and is recognized for its ultra modern skyscrapers, beautiful sandy beaches and arid desert. 

Despite its modern architecture, Qatar is an Islamic state, with many restrictions compared to western countries, where many football fans will be flocking from, to watch the 2022 World Cup tournament. 

So why was Qatar picked in 2010 to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup games?  

Well, the reason FIFA gave for this decision was that hosting the games in Qatar is an opportunity to take this world-renowned tournament to uncharted territory, to discover a new part of the world.  Indeed, Qatar is full of discoveries, one of which is the Islamic country’s ban on the following items:

  • Sex Toys & Porn – Confiscated upon entry and possible prison term of 6 months to 3 years if caught using.
  • Alcohol – Confiscated upon entry and possibility of imprisonment if caught using.
  • Vapes/E-cigarettes – confiscated if caught upon entry.
  • HTP (Heated Tobacco Products)
  • Pork – confiscated if caught upon entry.
  • Skimpy Clothing – confiscated if caught upon entry. Can be arrested if caught wearing sleeveless/see through tops or other revealing clothing including above the knee trousers)
  • Any Religious Books – confiscated if caught upon entry.
  • Drugs and OTC medicines including NRT (prescription medicines allowed with a legalized letter from your doctor) – confiscated if caught upon entry.

People crowd from all over the world to gather at the FIFA World Cup games.  Of course, they are all football fans and come to watch the playoffs and competition, with the culmination point being the winner of the World Cup trophy, but they also attend the games for the social piece: shmoozing, partying and the like, in which smoking and drinking play a big role.

As stated by Riot Labs CEO Ben Johnson: “Socialising, alcohol, partying, sex – traditionally some of football fans’ favourite escapades – are all examples of major triggers for smoking tobacco…”

Is Smoking Legal in Qatar?

Smoking is permitted in Qatar with 25% of men being smokers.  As in most countries, smoking is restricted to designated areas and is illegal in public places such as stadiums.  As a result, smoking will also be banned everywhere at the FIFA 2022 games, including outdoors, except in designated outdoor areas around the stadiums.  

Is Vaping Legal in Qatar?

Oddly enough, vaping is illegal in Qatar and completely prohibited meaning: no importing, selling and even using vapes anywhere in this Gulf peninsular country.  

The above list of bans in Qatar will definitely put a damper on many of these activities, especially if fans are unaware of these restrictions upon landing…and many are unaware, especially about the strict vaping prohibition.  

Are Anti-Smoking Laws Enforced in Qatar? 

Nonetheless, FIFA volunteers and security staff have been adequately trained and guided in monitoring the restrictions and on how to deal with any non-compliance on the part of attendees.  

As a matter of fact, Qatar is bringing in law enforcement officers from foreign countries to aid in implementing the anti-smoking and other restrictions, including police from Pakistan and Turkey.  Officers from the UK will also be deployed to Qatar in an unprecedented move on behalf of FIFA during any World Cup tournament, since many fans from the UK are expected to attend the FIFA playoffs in support of their respective teams and may need to be educated about the  restrictions on-site.

The Bigger Picture

All of the efforts surrounding the anti-smoking laws at the FIFA World Cup are part of a greater initiative on behalf of a partnership between the WHO and the Qatar Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) whose goal it is to promote a global health initiative through the use of the World Cup venue.  According to the Qatari Minister of Public Health, Hanan Al Kuwari, the FIFA championship is an unprecedented opportunity to educate the public and raise awareness about the importance of sport as a channel to maintaining a healthy body.

Kholoud Ateeq K M Al-Motawaa, head of noncommunicable disease for Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health reinforced this vision by stating that “supporters without tickets can watch games on large screens surrounded by smoke-free air.”


So what can vapers bring with them that is legal and safe to use in an airport, onboard an aircraft and anywhere is Qatar?

According to GSTHR (Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction), a website that reports the smoking, vaping, THP, NRT and snus products and laws around the world, “snus and other smokeless tobacco are allowed and sold” in Qatar but may be subject to the same restrictions as smoking tobacco and therefore their use in certain places may be prohibited. 

However, “tobacco-free nicotine pouches are both allowed and marketed, and the GSTHR is not aware of any specific restrictions on their use. But again, for safety reasons, nicotine consumers would be advised to buy pouches locally, or to take only the bare minimum with them for the duration of their trip.”

If you’re not making the trip but will be watching the games from afar, you can rest assured that you can use snus and nicotine pouches wherever, whenever.

FIFA World Cup, Snus and Nicotine Pouches

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