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HIT Nicotine Pouches

HIT nicotine pouches are manufactured by GN Tobacco, a leader in the snus industry. 

GN Tobacco produces some of the most popular and strongest snus and nicotine pouches on the market today.

GN Tobacco’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Sweden and abide by the highest manufacturing standards.  

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GN Tobacco – A Visionary of Snus

Being a relatively young company did not stop GN Tobacco from being a visionary in the field.  GN Tobacco was and still is always on the lookout for new trends in the market and is always reinventing itself based on customer demands. 

The snus industry has undergone many changes; from loose snus being the only available snus on the market, to portion snus with all its different types and sizes.  New flavors have also been introduced through the years as well as different strengths ranging from light to extremely strong.  And finally the creation of the tobacco-free snus pouch.

The Creation of Siberia and White Fox – its Tobacco-Free Sidekick

GN Tobacco has been at the forefront of all snus advancements and has introduced the strongest snus with an ice-cold mint freshness: Siberia snus. It also developed White Fox, a  strong tobacco-free mint-flavored nicotine pouch brand.  Although both Siberia and White Fox have a non-mint flavored variety with a dark and smoky tobacco taste, all other varieties in both product lines are mint flavored.

How is HIT different than White Fox?

As mentioned earlier, GN is always on the lookout for new market trends and riding the next snus wave. 

After shocking the snus market with Siberia and creating White Fox, a tobacco-free alternative to the brand,  GN continues to impress us with its innovation and expertise with the creation of HIT nicotine pouches. 

While GN’s most popular product is a snus with an extremely hard hit,  both Siberia and White Fox boast a strong mentholated minty freshness that will give your mouth a cold feeling of the arctic Siberia winters.  

HIT offers you a powerful nicotine pouch in a variety of flavors that are tasty and sweet rather than cold and fresh and here they are:

  • HIT Apelsin – Swedish for orange, this pouch is filled with a juicy orange flavor and just the right balance between fruity sweetness and tangy acidity.
  • HIT Blackberry – The sweet and tangy berry-flavored version of Apelsin.
  • HIT Blueberry – An explosion of juicy sweetness and the slight acidity known to ripe blueberries.
  • HIT Lemongrass – a citrus-flavored nicotine pouch with an herbal twist.
  • HIT Dr.Pepper – Inspired by Dr. Pepper, you can pick up the taste of black cherry and notes of caramel with a touch of cola.

Not only do HIT nicotine pouches taste great but their aroma, enhanced by essential oils, will make your mouth water as soon as you open a can.  

Just like White Fox, HIT nicotine pouches are made with a super soft fleece-like material that will feel comfortable against your gums from start to finish.  Using the most advanced pouch weaving technologies and the highest quality materials has allowed GN Tobacco to create yet another slim, comfort fit pouch that will knock your socks off with its 20 mg/g strength.

Get ready to feel the first kick from HIT pounce on you like a black panther.  But it doesn’t end there…HIT will keep kicking until it dies.  

So get ready for hard knocks and a bursting sensation of juicy flavors in a discrete all-white, stain-free, and tobacco-free portion.