Kapten White Licorice Mini Portion Snus

Kapten White Licorice Mini Portion with a taste of licorice.

Best before date 22/07/2022 – very well preserved

5 mg/g
4.99 4.99 € per can (you save 0 €)
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Kapten White Licorice Mini Portion Snus, manufactured by AG Snus, is one of the many mini flavor varieties offered in the Kapten line. Kapten is recognized as one of the best brands on the market today and it’s no wonder; five generations of Swedish snus making expertise has surely contributed to the success of the Kapten Brand! Kapten White Licorice Mini Portion Snus bears the sweet and bitter anise taste of black licorice and comes in at a regular nicotine strength. Kapten White Licorice Mini portions are small and will not be discernible under your lip. Despite the dryness of the white pouch, the softness of the fabric-like pouch contributes greatly to the highly comfortable experience. Kapten Mini comes in at a regular nicotine strength and is packed into a small and soft fabric-like unmoisturized portion pouch, offering the convenience of a precise ready-made prilla and eliminating the messiness and difficulty some may experience with a loose snus. The white pouch extends your snus experience beyond what can be expected with a regular size original portion and offers a dryer beginning with less runniness. The small size makes that there is less nicotine in the portion since there is less tobacco inside. Kaptern White Licorice Mini offers you the best of both worlds: The balanced sweet anise flavor of black licorice in a moist and ready-to use modern portion pouch. Get yours today and enjoy one of the best traditional Swedish snus on the market!