Killa Spearmint Extra Strong Nicopods

Killa Spearmint Nicotine Pouches

16 mg/g
1 g
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Killa Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches are manufactured by NGP empire in Sweden and are available in a variety of delicious flavors. All Killa varieties are extra strong, with a nicotine content of 24mg/g. That translates into 12mg per portion of extra strong tobacco-free nicotine packed into a slim and all-white pouch made of soft plant-based fibers. The Killa brand has positioned itself as one of the leading, most popular and preferred nicopod brands in the world. The cool can design, comfortable slim fit and high quality standards surely contribute to Killa’s popularity among its competitors. Killa is not for everyone; its all-white discreet pouches quickly deliver a powerful release of extra strong nicotine. At Snusline, we offer six delicious Killa varieties for every palette: Killa 13 extreme, Cola, Cold mint, Melon, Spearmint, Watermelon and X-Cold mint. Killa Spearmint has the mild and sweet minty fresh flavor of spearmint and is a tasty alternative using tobacco products like cigarettes and other inhaled products, like vaping. Keep your lungs clear and still get your extra strong nicotine kick with Killa and see what all the rave is about!