Odens Menthol Xylitol Extremely White Dry Portion Snus

Odens Menthol Xylitol Extremely White Dry Portion Snus✅   Flavorful chewing tobacco blend with a fresh menthol flavor and a hint of xylitol ✅ Extremely strong nicotine experience ✅

22 mg/g
0.9 g
4.29 4.29 € per can (you save 0 €)


Odens Menthol Xylitol Extremely White Dry Portion Snus is manufactured by GN tobacco and just like all of Oden’s snus, it is known for its great quality at a great price. Oden’s Menthol Xylitol is for peppermint lovers who get a kick out of a super strong ice cold mentholated snus with the intensely cooling effect of xylitol. If you prefer a dryer and slowly released flavor and nicotine experience, you’ll surely enjoy the white dry extreme mint portion of Odens White Dry as it sits under your lip. Odens Menthol Xylitol Extreme is a regular sized portion that combines the mild sweetness of mint and pine undertones with the classical taste of swedish tobacco in a comfortable white pouch. The tobacco in Oden’s White dry is not moisturized during the manufacturing process resulting in a dryer feeling release than a regular white portion. Oden’s White Dry lasts even longer than a white portion and much longer than an original portion, with less drip. The fabric-like white portion is soft and further contributes to the slow release of the pouch contents in Oden’s Menthol Xylitol White Dry. The extremely strong nicotine levels are symbiotically released with the sophisticated wintergreen flavor for a powerful and flavorful punch. Expect the unexpected in one of the strongest series of “extreme” snus known to man: Odens Menthol Xylitol Extreme White Dry Portion.