Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake 50mg/g


Step into the world of PABLO EXCLUSIVE Strawberry Cheesecake, a potent nicotine pouch offering an irresistible dessert flavor. Tailored for the seasoned user, this product promises a sweet journey with each use. Indulge in the unique blend of strawberry cheesecake and mint today with PABLO, a brand that dares to go above and beyond.

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20 Pouches
50 mg/g Nicotine
0.6 g Weight/Pouch
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Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake 50mg Details

Brand : Pablo
Nicotine content : 50 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Cheesecake
Strength : Extremely Strong


Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake 50mg Description

Brand – Welcome to PABLO EXCLUSIVE

PABLO EXCLUSIVE Strawberry Cheesecake reigns supreme in the PABLO collection for its remarkable marriage of a robust nicotine punch and a delectable dessert-inspired flavor. This product is part of the illustrious PABLO EXCLUSIVE range, celebrated among nicotine enthusiasts for its intense “Extreme” 50mg/g nicotine strength.

The brand PABLO, under the umbrella of NGP Europe, is renowned for its bold and fearless approach to product development. Its offerings are far from the mundane or predictable. Instead, they cater to the discerning consumers who crave that extra thrill from their nicotine products. This daring ethos is exemplified in the PABLO EXCLUSIVE line.

The PABLO All White, in particular, pushes the envelope even further. It breaks the mold of traditional tobacco flavors, venturing into the sweet realm of dessert profiles. This audacious move showcases the brand’s dedication to innovation and their willingness to explore uncharted territories in the nicotine pouch market. The result is a product that doesn’t just satisfy a nicotine craving but also pleases the palate with its delightful sweetness.

In the realm of powerful, high-quality nicotine products, PABLO EXCLUSIVE Strawberry Cheesecake indeed takes the cake, setting a new standard of what a nicotine pouch can be. It embodies the adventurous spirit of PABLO, striving to provide a nicotine experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Taste & Flavor – A Sweet Sin

Every Pablo nicotine pouch from this range promises a tantalizing strawberry cheesecake flavor with each use, all without any trace of tobacco. Imagine biting into a luscious strawberry cheesecake – that’s the sweet adventure these pouches aim to deliver. The refreshing cool effect in the pouches adds a hint of mint that balances the sweet richness.

PABLO EXCLUSIVE Strawberry Cheesecake: For the Adventurous

With a hefty nicotine content of 50mg/g, Pablo 50mg is exclusively crafted for seasoned nicotine users. The Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake offers an “extremely” potent nicotine hit that’s not advisable for beginners. This, ladies and gentlemen, is for the bold and brave.

Portion Format – No-Fuss, All Fun

Designed with 20 slim pouches, these Pablo nicopods are easy to use. Place one between your gums and upper lip, and let the flavors and nicotine gradually release – no biting, no sucking. Just a simple step towards an intense nicotine experience.

Customer Reviews – Because Sweet Experiences Speak Louder

Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake has been labeled as a sweet revelation in the nicotine pouch industry. With a nicotine strength rivaling the strongest options and an unmatched dessert flavor, it caters to a unique consumer base looking for an intense, yet sweet nicotine kick.

To sum it up, if you’re an experienced nicotine pouch user seeking a power-packed dessert experience, Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake could be your perfect match. Get ready to enjoy an unparalleled flavor experience with Pablo snus, as intense as it’s delicious. Remember, once you go PABLO, you never go back. Add to cart and let us deliver this thrilling flavor to your doorstep.



Nicotine, Water, humectant (E1520), Salt, Acidity regulator (E501), aromas