XTRIME Fruit Vibes Nicopods

Xtrime Fruit Vibes Nicopods – Enjoy a longer release and the juiciness of fruity berry flavors without compromising your strong nicotine kick in a discreet, slim and tobacco-free nicopod.

Best before date 12/07/2022 – very well preserved

16 mg/g
0.8 g
4.49 4.49 € per can (you save 0 €)


Xtrime Nicopods are manufactured by NGP Empire, the makers of Pablo and Killa, in Sweden. #9 Xtrime nicotine pouches are all-white and tobacco-free, so they will not stain your teeth. Like all nicotine products, Xtrime nicopods are regulated by the high quality standards known to Swedish manufacturing facilities. All Xtrime #9 flavor varieties sport a slim format and weigh 0.75g so they fit quite seamlessly and comfortably under your lip. The super-soft material releases a nice cooling presence with every nicotine pouch and prevents any runniness. Xtrime All White Strong sits between a strong and extra strong nicotine level with 12.4 mg of nicotine per portion and comes in four delicious flavors: Fruit Vibes, Arctic Mint, Lime Paradise and Neuron Freeze. Xtrime Fruit Vibes has a sweet and tart red berry aroma and a juicy fresh fruit flavor that resembles a strawberry/raspberry blend. Enjoy the subtle sweetness of fresh berries and a mild cooling presence with Xtrime All White Fruit Vibes Strong Nicopods.