G.3 Slim White Extra Strong Portion


The G3 Slim White Extra Strong Portion Snus by Swedish Match is a premium product with a rich and full tobacco flavor, complemented by a refreshing mint taste. With a high nicotine strength of 18mg/g and a slim and discreet profile, it delivers a strong and satisfying snus experience.

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18 mg/g Nicotine
0.7 g Weight/Pouch
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G3 Slim White Extra Strong  Details

Brand : G3
Nicotine content : 18 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Spicy Tobacco
Strength : Extra Strong


G3 Slim White Extra Strong Description


G3 Slim White Extra Strong is produce by Swedish Match, a leading manufacturer of snus products, has recently launched the G3 line, which represents the third generation of General snus. This new line includes two exciting products: the Extra Strong Slim White Portion and the Extra Strong Slim Portion, which are designed to provide a unique and satisfying smokeless tobacco experience.

The G3 Line

The G3 line is a testament to Swedish Match’s commitment to quality and innovation in the snus market. With eight products featuring different strength levels and formats, the G3 line is a must-try for anyone looking for high-quality tobacco.

The G3 Slim White Extra Strong

This Extra strong Snus is one of the latest products in the line and has quickly become a fan favorite. It boasts a rich and full tobacco flavor, combined with a unique blend of spices and other natural ingredients, that create a slightly spicy and powerful flavor profile. The slim white pouches are comfortable under the lip and have a dry, white, outer material that prevents excessive dripping, releasing flavor and nicotine more evenly.

The G3 Slim Portion

The G3 Slim Portion format is meticulously crafted with a leaner, sleeker profile, intended to nestle discreetly under the lip, providing a virtually undetectable presence. This design not only maximizes discretion but also ensures a highly comfortable fit that moulds effortlessly to the contours of your mouth. Beyond its physical attributes, this snus variant offers a long-lasting experience, allowing for extended enjoyment of its rich flavors and potent nicotine content.

The tactile sensation is heightened by the smooth, supple texture of the portion, resulting in a soft, gentle feel against the gum. This attention to comfort does not compromise the product’s durability or integrity, maintaining its structure even during prolonged use.

A defining attribute of the G3 Slim Portion is its minimal drip characteristic. Unlike some other snus products, the G3 Slim Portion exhibits a low level of moisture seepage, ensuring a clean, mess-free experience. This feature not only enhances the product’s ease of use but also prolongs the release of the flavorful nuances, making it a standout offering among the other products in the General portfolio.

Every aspect of the G3 Slim Portion format has been carefully considered and fine-tuned to deliver a superior snus experience, uniting comfort, discretion, and lasting enjoyment in a sophisticated product designed for the discerning snus consumer.

Swedish Match and the History of Snus

Swedish Match has held a prominent position in snus production for over 150 years. It all began with Johan A Boman introducing the world to the first loose snus in 1866. Following this initial milestone, the company made another significant move in the 1970s, introducing portion snus to the market. Now, their innovative journey carries on with the introduction of the G3 line. As a result, Swedish Match persistently pushes the boundaries and continues to expand the horizon of the snus market.

G3 Slim White Extra Strong : Flavor and Nicotine Strength

Boasting a robust nicotine strength of 17mg/g, the G3 Extra Strong Slim White is a powerful player in the snus market. It’s tailored perfectly for mature consumers, those who seek a commanding, intricate snus journey. This variant offers an impressive nicotine punch, which surely caters to those craving intensity.

The composition of G3 Extra Strong Slim White is nothing short of high-quality. It’s artfully crafted using top-tier tobacco leaves. This attribute is what lends it its earthy, rich tobacco essence, a characteristic greatly appreciated by seasoned snus users.

Complementing the rich tobacco, an exquisite blend of green herbs is introduced. This addition imparts a verdant freshness to the mix. In turn, it perfectly balances the earthy tobacco while adding a layer of complexity.

To this harmonious blend, tea is added. This inclusion subtly softens the overall character, imbuing a calming, soothing undertone to the snus experience. Its delicate nuance truly sets the G3 Extra Strong Slim White apart from other snus varieties.

Lastly, the infusion of bergamot completes the profile. Its presence imparts a mellow citrus aroma, delicately teasing the senses. It punctuates the experience with a hint of tanginess, leaving a refreshing aftertaste. Undeniably, the G3 Extra Strong Slim White is a blend of bold, complex flavors designed for an unparalleled snus experience.

Snus Online and Snus Shop

If you’re looking to buy snus online, the G3 Slim White Extra Strong  is a must-try for anyone seeking a strong and flavorful smokeless tobacco alternative. Experience the G3 difference today and discover why this premium product from Swedish Match is becoming increasingly popular among adult consumers. SEO optimized keywords: G3 Snus, G3 White Snus, G3 Extra Strong, General G3 Snus, G3 Slim Extra Strong, White Pouches, Pouches of Tobacco, Snus Online, Snus Shop.

Swedish Match offers an assortment of thrilling products in its G3 line. Each one addresses different preferences and nicotine strengths. The G3 Extra Strong Slim White, in particular, stands out as a top-tier snus product. It guarantees a unique and satisfying experience with its bold tobacco flavor.

The G3 Extra Strong Slim White showcases a rich blend of spices and natural ingredients. Additionally, it carries a high nicotine strength. Swedish Match meticulously crafts this premium snus using top-grade tobacco leaves.

Designed with a focus on a slim and discreet profile, the G3 Extra Strong Slim White makes snus use conveniently unnoticeable, minimizing any unwarranted attention. If you’re searching for a powerful and flavorful smokeless tobacco alternative, this product emerges as a top choice.

So, why delay? Order it online today. Enjoy the unmatched snus experience that Swedish Match provides with every tin.



Tobacco (nicotine), water, acidity regulator (E500), salt, humectant (E1520), aroma including smoke aroma, plant fibers.