Kapten White Original Extra Strong Portion Snus


Buy Kapten White Original Extra Strong, a top-tier Swedish snus with robust tobacco flavor and a refreshing citrus twist. Enjoy the powerful kick of 15mg/g nicotine in discreet, dry white pouches. Perfect for those seeking a strong, traditional snus experience.

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20 Pouches
15 mg/g Nicotine
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Kapten White Original Extra Strong Details


Brand : Kapten
Nicotine content : 15 mg/g
Type : Snus
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Extra Strong

Heritage of Craftsmanship: The Kapten Legacy

AG Snus, with its five generations of expertise, crafts the premier Kapten White Original Extra Strong. This long history showcases their commitment to quality and tradition in making Swedish snus. Kapten stands as a top brand, thanks to this rich heritage.


A Symphony of Flavors: Kapten White Original Extra Strong

Kapten Original snus truly captures the essence of traditional Swedish snus flavors, starting with a rich, full-bodied tobacco core. Furthermore, this robust foundation is skillfully complemented by the lively zest of citrus, adding a refreshing dimension to the overall snus experience. Additionally, the infusion of subtle floral notes brings in a touch of sweetness, serving as a perfect balance to the boldness of the tobacco.

A carefully measured balance of saltiness enriches the flavor journey further, bringing out the tobacco’s natural character. Subtle yet discernible hints of pepper add a spicy warmth, infusing each portion with complexity and a touch of excitement. The thoughtful interplay of flavors concludes with a gentle sweetness, providing a satisfying finish to the snus and ensuring a well-rounded, harmonious blend that engages the senses from the moment you open the can.


The Power Within: Nicotine Delivery

With its formidable 15mg/g nicotine concentration, Kapten Extra Strong stands out for delivering an intensely potent nicotine experience. This extra strong variant is specifically crafted for users who crave a significant, robust kick, setting it apart as a premier choice in the snus market. The high nicotine content ensures a pronounced, lasting sensation that satisfies deep cravings, making it an ideal option for experienced snus enthusiasts who demand a higher level of intensity and satisfaction from their snus.

Experts carefully calibrate this powerful nicotine delivery to ensure a steady, impactful experience without overwhelming, establishing Kapten Original Extra Strong as the go-to choice for those who value strength and depth in their nicotine experience.

Discreet Yet Bold: Portion and Packaging

The modern white portion pouches of Kapten Original Extra Strong are crafted for convenience and cleanliness, employing a soft fabric-like material that ensures a mess-free snus experience. The dry, unmoisturized nature of the pouches allows for a gradual release of flavor and nicotine, extending the enjoyment while minimizing drip.


Beyond Tradition: Additional Insights

Kapten Original Extra Strong White Portion serves not only as a tribute to tradition but also as a gateway to modernity, skillfully merging the classic, tobacco-focused flavor with the contemporary design of white portion pouches. Moreover, the product’s unobtrusive profile is further accentuated by its unique, maritime-themed black can, symbolizing a harmonious fusion of historical charm and modern allure.


Voices of Experience: Consumer Acclaim

Kapten Extra Strong White Portion is renowned for its unique blend of flavors, starting with the dominant bergamot and tobacco aromas, further enhanced by a spicy hint of pepper. Additionally, each can holds 24 portions, notable for their higher nicotine strength. Furthermore, the dry pouch design guarantees a discreet and extended snus experience, making it highly appreciated among users.


Navigating Modernity: The Evolution of Kapten

As a fresh member of the Kapten lineup, Kapten Extra Strong White represents a key moment. It’s AG Snus’s initial venture into the extra strong white snus realm. Moreover, this product showcases the brand’s knack for blending innovation with tradition, introducing a contemporary spin to the classic snus flavor.

Furthermore, AG Snus, known for its global presence, has skillfully catered to consumer needs. This is achieved through thorough market research and cutting-edge production methods. Consequently, Kapten snus emerges as a prime example of such adaptability, appealing to both purists and contemporary snus users.



Tobacco, Water, Flavor enhancers (saline), Humectants (E 422), Acidity regulators (E 500), Aromas, Licorice.