Lundgrens Skåne Slim White Portion Snus


Lundgrens Skåne Slim offers a rich, traditional snus experience. Inspired by the scenic Skåne region, it combines a robust tobacco base with subtle hints of forest berries and wild herbs. Slim portions provide a comfortable fit and discreet usage, while the perforated pouches ensure optimal flavor release. Experience a taste of Sweden with every use.

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24 Pouches
10 mg/g Nicotine
0.9 g Weight/Pouch
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Lundgrens Skåne Slim Portion

Brand : Lundgrens
Nicotine content : 10 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Tobacco and berries
Strength : Medium

Lundgrens Skåne Slim White Portion description

Lundgren’s Skåne Slim, a product from the Lundgren’s collection, offers a traditional snus experience inspired by the diverse flora of Sweden’s northern and southern regions. This unique snus variant pays homage to Skåne, the southernmost region of Sweden, translating its traditional aromas and flavors into a memorable snus experience.

Quality and Manufacturing

Representing a legacy of uncompromising commitment to quality, Fielder & Lundgrens, a company of well-earned repute, proudly stands behind the production of Lundgren’s Snus. To attain such a distinguished level of excellence, they strategically employ high-quality ecological tobacco. Notably, this tobacco is exclusively cultivated in the fertile lands of Fjälkinge, Skåne. As a result of this careful selection, Lundgren’s Snus is infused with a unique and clear character. Ultimately, the use of this superior grade tobacco enables Lundgren’s Snus to distinguish itself markedly from other products currently available in the market.

Lundgren’s Flavor Profile

Introducing Lundgren’s Snus, it masterfully features a harmonious blend of distinct tobacco flavor. This taste profile is beautifully augmented by the vibrant notes of Swedish forest wildberries. Subsequently, subtle herbal undertones begin to emerge, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile. Moreover, a hint of pine further enriches the overall experience. Remarkably, the addition of salt, similar to its use in culinary arts, serves to accentuate these diverse flavors. Ultimately, this results in an exquisitely well-rounded and thoroughly satisfying taste that lingers on the palate.

Format and Nicotine Content

With a nicotine content of 10mg/g, the Lundgren’s White Portion is considered a regular strength snus. Additionally, its slim white pouch facilitates a slow and effective release of flavor, which, in turn, surpasses Lundgren’s Skåne perforated white portion. As a result, it proves to be an outstanding option for individuals who favor a prolonged and inconspicuous snus experience.

Lundgren’s Skåne Slim : Unique Features

In the realm of distinguishing features, what truly sets Lundgren’s Skåne Slim White apart is its comfortable and unobtrusive fit under the lip. Further enhancing the user experience, Lundgren’s innovative Flexlid technology is integrated. This ingenious inclusion significantly boosts the convenience factor, allowing for considerably increased storage in your catch lid.

The Lundgren’s Experience

Lundgren’s Skåne Slim Vit is an optimal choice for all aficionados of Lundgrens Skåne who hold a distinct admiration for the product’s classic taste, experienced in a subtle and convenient manner. The somewhat dry surfaces capture the unique character of this white portion. This distinctive design element effectively curtails unnecessary dripping, thereby prolonging the dispersion of its iconic flavor as well as the steady release of nicotine.

A sense of comfort and a discreet approach to usage is also ensured, making this oral tobacco an elegant solution for those who prefer to savor their snus in a more understated fashion. By embodying the hallmark flavor of this smokeless tobacco and modest package, Lundgren’s Skåne Slim Vit caters to those who value discretion without compromising on the traditional taste they have come to love.

Order Snus Online

With this White Snus Portion, you get medium-strong nicotine kicks (7.5 mg/portion) and a mild tobacco flavor topped with fruity notes of Swedish forest berries. The innovative FLEXLID can expand to accommodate more used portions. You can order your can or roll of the discreet and flavorsome Lundgrens Skåne Slim Vit White Portion Snus online, adding convenience to quality.


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