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Experience authentic Sweden with Lundgrens Snus. It stands as one of the most iconic Swedish snus brands. Lundgrens takes you on a unique journey. This journey sweeps through the stunning landscapes of Sweden. It stirs images of lush forests and majestic mountains. It brings to mind the native flora. Lundgrens introduces adventurous flavors like forest berry, cloudberry, and floral notes. Each aspect of Lundgrens Snus is meticulously crafted. It aims to provide the ultimate sensory delight. It enhances your snus experience in every possible way.

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Lundgrens Snus: The Epitome of Swedish Snus Excellence

For those seeking an authentic Swedish snus experience, Lundgrens Snus emerges as the quintessential choice. As one of the most distinguished brands of Swedish snus, Lundgrens crafts a unique sensory journey inspired by Sweden’s vast and diverse landscapes. Its rich flavors, evoking the essence of Swedish forests, mountains, and native flora, lend Lundgrens its distinctive character.

Every element of Lundgrens Snus is meticulously curated to amplify your snus indulgence. The brand’s commitment to superior quality is evident in its sustainably sourced, robust tobacco, the meticulously crafted perforated portions for optimized flavor release, and the soft, irritation-free fabric for unparalleled comfort. Lundgrens caters to a wide audience with its nicotine content ranging from 10 mg/g to 15 mg/g, making it a perfect choice for both beginners exploring smokeless tobacco and seasoned snus users seeking a potent hit.

Lundgrens Snus: A Tradition of Fiedler & Lundgren

Lundgrens Snus is a proud offering from Fiedler & Lundgren, a manufacturer based in Malmö, Sweden, with over two centuries of experience in creating high-quality smokeless products. As the mastermind behind some of the most well-known traditional Swedish snus brands such as Granit snus, Fiedler & Lundgren continues to deliver exceptional products under the British American Tobacco subsidiary since 2008, including the popular tobacco-free snus brand – VELO nicotine pouches (formerly LYFT).

Discover the Taste of Sweden with Lundgrens Snus Flavors

With Lundgrens Snus, you’re tasting the essence of Sweden, as the flavors are inspired by the country’s diverse vegetation, valleys, and mountains. The earthy base of ecological tobacco underpins the fresh, clean taste of each product. The most popular Lundgrens snus variants include Lundgrens Skåne, Lundgrens Norrland, and Lundgrens Fjällen:

  • Lundgrens Skåne: A delightfully sweet, berry-centric snus enriched with a bold tobacco character. Its smooth and delicate flavor makes it perfect for all-day use.
  • Lundgrens Norrland: This variant brings you a fresh, floral taste with notes of spruce and a dark tobacco undertone. If you enjoy outdoorsy flavors, Lundgrens Norrland is a must-try.
  • Lundgrens Fjällen: Inspired by the flora of the Swedish mountains, Lundgrens Fjällen offers a piney, earthy tobacco taste with a delightful tartness and mild sweetness from the unique addition of cloudberry.

Understand Lundgrens Snus Nicotine Strengths

The nicotine strengths of Lundgrens Snus range from 10 mg/g to 15 mg/g, making the brand inclusive to users of all experience levels. If you’re seeking a powerful kick, Lundgrens Norrland Stark is known to satisfy even the most veteran snus user with its potent taste and effect. For a more gentle, everyday buzz, Lundgrens Västkusten White stands as an ideal choice.

The Innovative Lundgrens Snus Portions

The snus format significantly contributes to the user experience, and Lundgrens doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The brand stands out with its innovative perforated portions, small holes that enable rapid release of flavor and nicotine, making the experience incredibly unique. The brand offers products in white, original, and slim portions, both perforated and unperforated.

Lundgrens Snus: A Convenient Online Purchase

Lundgrens Snus enjoys global recognition as one of the best Swedish snus brands. Although it’s available in stores, many consumers prefer to buy Lundgrens snus online due to the freshness, affordability, and variety offered by dedicated smokeless e-stores.

Lundgrens Snus: Quality, Flavor, and Design

Lundgrens Snus is a true embodiment of class, quality, and flavor. Its diverse range, innovative perforated portions, and strict adherence to quality standards make it a favorite among snus enthusiasts. With its increasing demand and expansion into European and US markets, we expect Lundgrens snus to continue growing in popularity.

The History of Lundgrens Snus

Lundgrens Snus is a subsidiary of Fiedler and Lundgren, a company that traces its roots back to a snus enthusiast named Samuel Fiedler in 1783. Samuel crafted his ideal blend of snus using different tobaccos from North and South America, resulting in a traditional snus that embodied fine craftsmanship.

His first tobacco factory was established in Gothenburg, where he perfected his initial blend of Swedish snus. Despite the challenges posed by the Swedish tobacco monopoly, the vision of Samuel Fiedler lived on, leading to the formation of the Fiedler & Lundgren brand in 2002. Their intent to break the monopoly led to the launch of innovative products like Lundgrens Snus in the Swedish Market in 2004. Today, Lundgrens is one of the most successful and innovative brands in Sweden and other parts of Europe.

The Art of Lundgrens Snus

Lundgrens Snus stands out as a premium brand that seamlessly blends traditional snus attributes with modern flavors. Its unique pouches, designed with more holes for an amazing nicotine kick and grand flavor release, set it apart from other brands. Even with increased perforations, Lundgrens manages to keep the drip lower than most snus pouches on the market.

The brand also offers white portions with even lower drips. The can design of Lundgrens snus is equally impressive, with its attractive color scheme and compact size that fits perfectly into a pocket, purse, or hand. The cans also feature a spacious lid, ideal for storing used nicotine pouches during outdoor activities.

Lundgrens Snus: Strengths and Options

Most Lundgrens snus and nicotine pouches are considered normal strong with a nicotine content close to 10 mg/g. These

products are perfect for those seeking a tobacco-based substitute. The 10 mg pouches effectively curb tobacco cravings, making them an excellent choice for individuals looking to quit smoking.

Buying Lundgrens Snus Online: A Convenient Experience

Purchasing Lundgrens snus online has never been easier. With Snusline, you can order high-quality modern snus products from the comfort of your home. Even if you’re not a fan of tobacco, we offer a wide selection of fine tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

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Is Snus Legal in the UK?

Although the EU had previously banned the sale of snus, the UK has left the European Union, and the laws may change. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, snus is still illegal to sell within the UK, but it is legal to import for personal use. However, it’s recommended to check the most recent laws and regulations in the UK regarding snus use.