GROV Strong Portion Snus


GROV Strong Portion Snus-A strong traditional tobacco-centric snus, originally created as one of Sweden’s first coarse grounded snus, in a modern portion pouch with floral hints reminiscent of Norrland forests.

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15 mg/g Nicotine
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GROV Strong Portion Snus, by Swedish Match, is a tobacco-centric snus with a robust tobacco taste and floral notes of geranium and dried herbs.  The flavors in GROV snus are reminiscent of its place of origin, Norrland, Sweden, known for its beautiful flora filled forests.

GROV, one of Sweden’s oldest snus brands, was first introduced onto the market as a loose coarse grind and was mostly geared at and consumed by men as a rugged manly snus boasting a deep and rich tobacco flavor.  Today, GROV snus is available in original portion, white portion, stark portion and loose varieties.   The original portion is large and plump and feels moist releasing the strong nicotine at a fast paced, providing almost immediate powerful nicotine kicks and robust tobacco flavor; close to what you can expect from a loose snus but with all the comforts of a ready-to-use pre-packed portion.  Get some GROV Strong Portion Snus today and enjoy an age old tradition in a modern portion format.

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