Nick & Johnny Americana Extra Strong


Nick & Johnny Americana Extra Strong – Get a taste of America with this spiced snus.  The flavour will remind you of sweet and spicy  root beer while the 16.5 mg/g of extra strong nicotine will blow you away.  Immediate flavour release.

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16.5 mg/g Nicotine
1.1 g Weight/Pouch
4.99 € per can


Nick & Johnny Americana-  A typically American-style spiced snus that will make you feel like you’re enjoying a can of American root beer or Dr. Pepper, it has a dark and spicy tobacco character with clear hints of cherries and almonds, as well as slightly violet, evergreen and raspberry. Nick & Johnny Americana is an extra strong snus in a large sized pouch that is moist on the surface for a quick and strong taste release.  Enjoy it today and delve deep into Americana!

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