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Pablo Exclusive 50mg Frosted Mint 12g


Pablo Exclusive 50mg Frosted Mint 12g


The Frosted Mint flavor of Pablo Exclusive Nicotine Pouches is intended to provide a cool, refreshing, and minty taste to the users. The frosted mint flavor is likely a combination of different minty notes such as peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen.

The flavor can be described as a sweet and invigorating mint flavor with a frosty and chilly finish. The flavor is designed to give a refreshing experience to the user. The mint flavor also helps to mask the taste of nicotine which can be quite harsh for some people.

The pouches are also formulated with a 50mg/g nicotine strength, which is considered to be a relatively high level of nicotine. The high nicotine content is intended to provide a strong and satisfying experience for users.